Supporter Promise

The Children's Hospital Charity believes that young patients deserve to be treated with the best facilities in a hospital designed with children in mind. We go above and beyond the NHS provision providing children with the best chance of a healthy life.

Thank you for supporting Sheffield Children's

It is vital that as a charity we are open, honest and transparent about where your money goes when you make a donation. We want you to feel confident that we're spending your hard-earned money wisely, getting the best value possible when funding projects, equipment and research at Sheffield Children’s.

We appreciate every single gift we receive, and because we know the difference your donations can make, we work hard to ensure that not a penny is wasted. For every £1 you raise, approximately 74p is gifted to Sheffield Children’s to help where it is needed most, supporting the changing needs of the hospital. This figure varies year on year, but the more we raise together, the more support Sheffield Children’s receives.

Our commitment to you is that we use the money you raise wisely, ensuring every department including areas which are not front facing, have an equal opportunity to receive charitable funding when they need it. We're very grateful that you have chosen to fundraise for The Children’s Hospital Charity as we can only carry on our vital work to support Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust with your support.

About your fundraising

By fundraising with The Children’s Hospital Charity, you are entering into an agreement to raise money for Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. To help you raise as much as possible you will be given the option to use the charity’s fundraising materials, supporter logo and Theo where appropriate. In return we would like to see / approve your promotional material before they are advertised to the public.

We understand that fundraising is a special and often personal decision and the charity makes a promise to you that your donation will be well cared for. You will be treated with courtesy, sensitivity and respect and the charity will be there to answer any questions you may have, such as how your fundraising will make a difference to children’s lives.

When fundraising for Sheffield Children’s Hospital with The Children’s Hospital Charity, you have the following options

         1. You can allow the Charity, to decide how best the funds will be used to help make Sheffield Children’s Hospital the extraordinary place it is. This option is the Charity’s default option as it allows departments who are not front facing or don’t receive as many donations to still receive charitable funding.

        2. You can choose whether the money you raise is to be put towards a certain project or fund which has already been established. If this option is selected, the funds that you raise will be used for that specified purpose until the project is fully funded. If the project becomes fully funded any excess funds raised will be used on alternative appropriate projects at Sheffield Children’s Hospital that are being supported by the charity. This is to ensure that funds can be utilised where they are needed most when a project has been fully funded

        3. You can choose the capital appeal as a whole so that the money you raise will help the development where it is needed most – this will help us to ensure that the department which needs to be developed first receives funds when they need them, we will then move on to the second department and so on until the projects are fully funded.

We will honour any requests for money raised to go towards a specific project or fund, this will be actioned at the point of request, therefore we ask you to inform us of this at the start of your fundraising journey with us. The Charity’s default option (option 1) will be in place for any income received by the Charity prior to the request being made.

Your fundraising will be used wisely ensuring that the children and their families who visit Sheffield Children’s Hospital will benefit from your donation. The charity will always work hard to make your donation go further, ensuring that the charity’s running costs are as minimal as possible. Please visit the charity commission website for more information. Please note that charities are only legally permitted to return donations in very limited circumstances.

Fundraising at charity events

By registering to take part in a charity event, the funds you raise will be allocated to the event total and used to help Sheffield Children’s in a way which is outlined for this specific event, unless a prior agreement has been made with the charity team. Please note by registering for one of our events you confirm the money raised is not intended to be utilised for other activities you are involved in with The Children’s Hospital Charity. If you would like the money you raise to be allocated to another fund, activity or target, please get in touch as soon as possible before registering for the event.

Should you wish to discuss taking part in different activities to help raise funds towards a specific fundraising target, please get in touch as soon as possible. 

Our supporter promise

We are The Children's Hospital Charity. We need your help to raise money to fund things that the NHS does not cover. 

Patients and families are at the heart of everything we do and you’re vital to us being able to treat them with the best facilities in a hospital designed with children in mind. 

     * Without you, we would simply not exist. That is why your trust is vital to us and why we make these promises to you:

     * We will keep you up to date and share stories of how your donation makes a difference to our children.

     * All donations will be used to support the vital work of the hospital over and above NHS provision.

     * We promise to make it clear and easy for you to choose how you hear from us, including how to opt out from future communications.

     * We will always check first that you are happy to speak to us if/when we call.

     * We will never share your details with other organisations or charities except those we engage directly to fundraise for the hospital on our behalf. Read our Privacy Policy here.

     * We will be especially careful and sensitive when engaging with vulnerable people.

Thank you for your continued support.