About us

The money raised through donations buys life-saving equipment, funds vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world and helps us create a comfortable, engaging environments for our patients at Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Sheffield Children's is at the heart of everything we do at Charity HQ

We come together as one team, delivering over and above the NHS provision and ultimately enhancing the patient and family experience. Our colleagues and stakeholders are all deeply proud of how the charity works together with Sheffield Children’s, to ensure that children and young people can receive the very best care, in the best possible environment.

What we do

Here at Charity HQ we help to change children’s lives every day by supporting pioneering ground-breaking medical treatment and creating a comfortable and engaging environment at Sheffield Children’s. Donations, fundraising, sponsorship and everything in between help create a healthier future for children and young people who visit Sheffield Children’s. 

What makes Sheffield Children’s special? Most importantly it comes down to people - and we think the people who work here are amazing! Kindness and compassion are key, and our colleagues have those things in bucketloads. Everyday patients and their families tell us how caring and kind our colleagues have been, and how they’ve been made to feel safe and at home with us.

We fund four key areas:

A comfortable and engaging environment built with children in mind

Specialist medical equipment

New facilities to extend the range of treatment provided

Research into the care, prevention and cure of childhood illnesses

How we raise the money

We raise the money in many different ways but most importantly it comes down to you, our supporters, getting involved. Here are a few ways we help to make the difference with your help:

  1. We help spread the word about how amazing Sheffield Children’s is.
  2. We organise Charity events for you to take part in. Sponsorship and gift aid are an important way to raise much needed funds.
  3. We apply for trusts and foundations.
  4. We help support you raise your target through your own event.
  5. We facilitate easy ways to donate through pay roll giving, regular giving, texts, posters, buckets... the list is endless
  6. We support groups, schools, associations, businesses, organisation, individuals in as many ways as we can creating a lasting partnership
  7. We organise really fun projects like the Herd and Bears of Sheffield! 

Bear Facts!

Download our annual newsletter on what we have been up to over the last year. Bear Facts is a snippet of everything charity, what we have funded and what a difference your fundraising makes to Sheffield Children's.