Our Capital Appeal

£8,800,000 of £14,250,000 raised

Ellena Kik was 3 when she stopped breathing and turned blue, and was transferred to Sheffield Children's Hospital by helicopter. Our capital appeal is to help families like Ellena's by creating an environment build with children in mind.

You can help shape the future of Sheffield Children’s

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is a specialist children’s hospital, providing the best possible care for children all over Yorkshire, the UK and beyond. The Children’s Hospital Charity support the hospital by funding new facilities and building an environment with children in mind. Together we can ensure our doctors and nurses have exactly what they want, when they need it to deliver the best care for our patients. They treat every condition imaginable battling the most complex illnesses. Every day they make a difference and you can too.

We’re working hard to build a better future for everyone who visits our hospital, by fundraising for a new Major Trauma Centre, Child Assessment Unit, Cancer and Leukaemia ward as well as a building a new Helipad.

Major Trauma Unit

£1,000,000 of £4,500,000 raised

We need to transform our Major Trauma Centre with a new Emergency Department which is bigger, has more facilities and space for the hundreds of children who come through the doors with every problem imaginable.

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£3,000,000 of £6,000,000 raised

Sheffield Children’s is the designated Major Trauma Centre for children in South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw providing a service for over 375,000 children and young people. We need to get patients who urgently need critical care to our Emergency Department as soon as possible.

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Cancer & Leukaemia Ward

£2,750,000 of £2,750,000 raised

We did it! Thanks for all your support we have transformed our Oncology and Haematology ward. Children from babies through to 18-year olds now have a lovely new ward, making their time in hospital that little bit easier.

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  • Year one 2018 - 2019

    Thanks to your donations with in first year of the appeal, over £2,825,000 was raised which means we are 14% of the way there. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the appeal so far. 

  • Year two 2019 - 2020

    By the end of year two over £5million has been raised for the capital appeal. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the appeal through such difficult times. 

  • Year three 2020 - 2021

    By the end of year three your support has helped raise over £7million for the capital appeal, which means we are almost halfway there! Thank you 

  • Year four 2021 22 and the Bears of Sheffield

    The Bears of Sheffield helped us reach our final target needed to complete stage two of the appeal, to fund the Cancer and Leukemia Ward. Over £2million was raise from previous fundraising and the final auction of the Bears on Monday 18th October raised £525,500 which meant we have raised the £2.75million needed to transform the ward by the end of 2021. Amazing! 

    By January 2022 we have raised £8,800,000

  • How much do we need to raise?

    We need to raise £14.25million in total, here's a breakdown 

    • Emergency Department - £4.5million
    • Helipad - £6million
    • Ward 6 (previously M3) - £2.75million
    • CAU- £1million

What we do at Charity HQ!

£8,800,000 of £14,250,000 raised

Sheffield Children's has always depended on charitable funding. Here at Charity HQ we support and fund projects over and above the NHS provision. Kindness and compassion are key and we have this in bucket loads along with a reputation for providing outstanding care.