Hi I'm Theo

I’m the Charity's mascot and I am amazed by everything I see at Sheffield Children’s, especially all the amazing patients and families who visit.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is one of three stand-alone specialist children’s hospitals in the UK.

Theo is constantly amazed by everything he sees at Sheffield Children’s especially the amazing bravery of the girls and boys who are being treated. Theo keeps them entertained, telling stories of his wild adventures around the world and demonstrating his circus skills, like juggling and dancing. Sometimes Theo takes a tumble and bumps his head or hurts his arm, but the doctors and nurses were always on hand to help him get better.

Each night, Theo goes to sleep in his very own hospital bed in a very quiet corner of Sheffield Children’s, where he dreams of all the adventures he has had, and those which are yet to come. Theo is an active fundraiser and you will see him doing lots of different things from running, cycling and jumping out of planes to taking part in physiotherapy, joining in with doctors and nurses to having an X-ray.

Theo will be making a very special appearance as his own sculpture, designed and painted by TADO, who created the iconic and beloved mascot in 2014. Theo is not like any other bear on the trail or anywhere else come to think of it, he is very distinctive so make sure you give him a wave when you find him.

What we do at Charity HQ

Here's a little video all about what we do at The Children's Hospital Charity and how we support Sheffield Children's to make it even better!

Theo colouring in

Download Theo and colouring him in at home.

Theo Sweepstake!

Create your own game with Theo's sweepstake!