Fundraising materials

The Children’s Hospital Charity Team are here to support you with your fundraising. Whatever you decide to do, we have plenty of fundraising materials to help you raise as much money as possible for Sheffield Children's Hospital.

Welcome to Team Theo, the best team you will ever join! 

Thank you, you really are doing something amazing!

We are very grateful that you have chosen to fundraise for The Children’s Hospital Charity as we can only carry on our vital work to support Sheffield Children’s with your support. Our supporter promise means we look after you every step of the way. 

The money you raise will help to ensure that the ongoing needs of the hospital continue to be met today, tomorrow and beyond, especially as those needs may change with time. 

To help you raise as much as possible here are a few fundraising materials, supporter logo and Theo for you to use. In return we would like to see / approve your promotional material before they are advertised to the public.

Sponsorship forms

You will receive a sponsor form in the post, but if you can't wait here's one to download!


Let friends and family know about your fundraising with our write on posters!

Sweepstake poster

Guess my time - if you are taking part in a timed event ask all your friends and family to guess your finish time.


Add a pop of The Children’s Hospital Charity to your decorations, with our bunting and paper chain packs. They’re easy to make, and will have your event looking the part in no time at all!

Theo Party Props

Everyone loves a prop! Download your props, cut them out and stick them on a kebab stick! Make sure you take lots of pictures with them, tag us in and post them to your social media.