Three-year-old boy takes on Halloween 5k to say thank you for life-saving care

Three-year-old Ezra Haag from Chesterfield is taking on a 5k Halloween Walk to raise money for the Charity.

Three-year-old Ezra Haag from Chesterfield is taking on a 5k Halloween Walk to raise money for the Charity.

Just three weeks after Ezra was born, it was discovered he had a tumour growing just above his kidney.

He was transferred to Sheffield Children’s where he underwent scans and tests, and the doctors concluded it could be either a neuroblastoma or a ganglioneuroma.

Neuroblastoma is a rare type of cancer that mostly affects babies and young children. A ganglioneuroma is a related non-cancerous tumour, which looks the same on a scan but rarely causes a problem.

Following his results, Ezra and his family visited the Oncology and Haematology Ward at Sheffield Children’s every month to monitor the growth of the tumour, until he had his ten-month scan in November 2020.

At this scan, it was found that his tumour had grown, which made it likely to be neuroblastoma and Ezra had to have an operation to remove it.

On 25th February 2021, Ezra had open surgery at Sheffield Children’s to remove the tumour.

Mum, Katy, recalls:

“After two and a half hours his surgeon came out to tell us they had successfully removed the whole tumour.

“We couldn’t believe it; my husband and I just broke down in floods of tears. I couldn’t thank the team at Sheffield Children’s enough if I tried, they saved our little boy’s life.”

Now, over two years after his operation, Ezra is thriving. He still visits Sheffield Children’s for regular check-ups but is doing really well.

Katy said:

“He’s bonkers! He’s always putting on a show or playing up for the camera, he just loves to have fun and be the centre of attention.”

To say thank you for the care Ezra received the family has done many different fundraising activities since his surgery. Katy has taken part in an abseil and regularly sells knitted items to support the Charity.

This October, they’re lifting spirits by taking on the Charity’s Halloween Walk!

The walk is The Children’s Hospital Charity’s first-ever Halloween event, and they are asking people to run, walk or roll 5k in support of Sheffield Children’s.

Ezra loves Halloween and will be doing his challenge on the Saturday before it, before heading home for a special party. Ezra will have his balance bike while his family will jog alongside him.

Katy said:

“We always want to do what we can for the hospital and this walk was perfect. Ezra loves to dress up and when I asked him if he wanted to fundraise for the hospital on Halloween, he said a big yes!”

They hope to be joined by family and friends and Ezra is dressing up as the fearsome Frankenstein for the occasion.

To take on the Halloween Walk like Ezra visit the Charity’s website:

To support Ezra’s fundraising visit their fundraising page.