Whether you have an enquiry about getting started, sponsorship or how to organise an event we have the answer to your questions.

  • I’d like to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity, how do I get involved?

    Thank you so much for thinking about fundraising to help make it better for young children who are treated at Sheffield Children's Hospital. There are lots of ways you can donate, fundraise and get involved with events – check our fundraising ideas for inspiration.

  • I would like to change my name/address/contact details – what do I do?

    Simply complete the contact us form or email [email protected] and we will update your details.

  • Who does The Children’s Hospital Charity Support?

    The Children’s Hospital Charity exists to make an extraordinary hospital even better. Each year over 245,000 patient visits are made to Sheffield Children's Hospital from across South Yorkshire, the UK and the world. Through charitable donations we buy life-saving equipment, fund vital research, alongside creating a comfortable, engaging environment for our patients.

  • Is The Children’s Hospital Charity a registered charity?

    Yes, The Children’s Hospital Charity is a registered charity, number 505002, in England and Wales.

  • Can my company support The Children’s Hospital Charity?

    Absolutely! Getting your company involved in fundraising is a brilliant way to motivate your workforce as well as making a tangible difference to the lives of children in your community.

  • How can I make the most of my company’s support?

    Some companies may consider giving employees a one-off donation to get the ball rolling. Many companies operate a matched-giving scheme, which is when they match pound for pound the amount raised by their employees. As your HR department if your employer offers this scheme.

  • Does the charity collect door to door?

    We do not collect door to as a charity and we do not encourage people raising money for the hospital to do so either. To check if someone is raising money for the charity you can ask to see their agreement form or their letter of authorisation from us. If in doubt please give us a ring on 0114 271 7203.

  • I need some fundraising materials for my event, where can I get them from?

    The charity can provide you with material such as balloons, posters, sponsor forms, leaflets, collection tins and buckets and charity t-shirts. You can request how many you would like when you complete your registration form. Once you register there will be lots of downloads you can use to get started straight away. 

  • I would like to ask companies to donate raffle prizes but they are asking for a proof of fundraising letter from the charity. What can I do?

    You need a letter of authorisation from us which states what fundraising you are doing and that your event has been authorised by The Children’s Hospital Charity. To get one of these letters all you need to do is complete our registration form online. 

  • Does the charity have an office at the hospital?

    Yes, our Charity Hub is located by the main entrance in the outpatients department. The Charity Hub in Outpatients at Sheffield Children's is open Monday - Thursday 10am-4pm

    Charity HQ at Marlborough Road office remains closed to the public. Due to this we encourage you where possible to make your donation online. Donations can be made through the donate function on the website or by BACS. If you would like our bank transfer details please contact us at [email protected] 

  • How do you decide which projects to fund?

    The Children's Hospital puts in a request for a project to be funded.

    Our Projects and Grants Officer, the Charity Director and our Trustees then decide whether the request is a good use of your donations and if it will enhance the work of the hospital.

    If the project is approved, we begin fundraising. Once we've met our target, we purchase the equipment ready to help our wonderful patients.

  • What is Gift Aid?

    Gift Aid is a system of tax relief which enables charities to claim back the basic rate of income tax paid on a donation made from private individuals, thereby increasing the value of the donation to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

    How does Gift Aid work?

    UK tax payers are eligible to claim Gift Aid on any donation made to The Children’s Hospital Charity. Once we have received your permission, by completing a Gift Aid declaration, we can claim the tax back on your donation. This means that the government will add an extra 25p to a donation of £1, at no extra cost to the person making the donation.

    Am I eligible to pay Gift Aid?

    Gift Aid can be declared by a UK tax payer. Even if you are unemployed, you can still declare Gift Aid on your donation if you are paying tax on any of the following:

    • Personal or occupational pension
    • Stocks and shares
    • Bank and building society savings
    • Rental income
    • Overseas and UK investment dividends

    If you would like to find out more visit www.hmrc.gov.uk