McKenzie's story

Every week 139 children from Doncaster, like McKenzie, need specialist care at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

Young McKenzie has been treated at Sheffield Children’s Hospital since he was five months old. The younger is is calling on YOU to help make Sheffield Children's Hospital EVEN better! 

The four-year-old from Doncaster was rushed to the hospital after he went blue, where doctor’s diagnosed him with sleep apnea and tracheomalacia – a condition that causes him to regularly stop breathing.

Mum, Fiona, said: “It was Sheffield Children’s that saved his life. He had to be monitored at all times in case he stopped breathing. Everyone who would look after him had to be trained in CPR just in case. We had to use that training several times, which was terrifying. At one point he stopped breathing every night, and we would have to do chest massage or sometimes do CPR. Then we would have to bring him in to hospital to check he was ok.

“When McKenzie was seven months old he had an operation to help with his breathing, which has made a huge difference. We owe the hospital everything.”

Take a look and see how you can help make Sheffield Children's Hospital even better! 

How your money helps

£10 could help buy craft materials for an Artfelt workshop to provide distraction for difficult treatments.

£25 could help buy swimming aids to encourage children to participate in therapy sessions.

£50 could fund a ‘Buzzy Bee’ kit to help distract patients from painful injections.

£100 could help fund life-saving equipment to give children the best chance of a happy and healthy life.

Everything we fund is over and above the NHS provision. Our hospital is testament to the dedication of staff, the generosity of our donors and the courage of our children. We’ll never stop striving to make it better.