Fraser's story

Every week 199 children from Rotherham, like Fraser, need specialist care at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

A youngster who had to have emergency surgery after a neck pain turned out to be a life-threatening condition is backing a charity campaign for the hospital that saved him. He's calling on YOU to help make Sheffield Children's Hospital EVEN better!

Sheffield Children’s Hospital sees 199 children every week from Rotherham, with 260,000 children coming from all over the world each year. 

Fraser Rouston, 10, of Thorpe Hesley, was sent for tests at Rotherham Hospital after complaining of a pain in his neck. There an MRI scan revealed a mass that was crushing his spinal cord and he was rushed to Sheffield Children’s Hospital for specialist care.

“He was complaining about this pain and at first I thought it must have been the way he had slept, but it kept getting worse” said mum, Hayley Liversidge. “The pain was going all the way down his arms. When they said they had found a mass, I immediately suspected the worst.”

But scans revealed Fraser had an arteriovenous malformation (AVM) – meaning there was a tangle of blood vessels in his neck. The condition, if left untreated, can cause brain damage or stroke by disrupting normal blood flow around the body. On May 11th, Fraser went for surgery with Mr Hesham Zaki, consultant paediatric neurosurgeon at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. Mr Zaki was able to remove part of the cluster, but after a bleed started mid-surgery, he was forced to finish the operation.

Fraser will now undergo physiotherapy to get full movement back in his neck. He will then need to be injected with a radioactive substance and scanned using a gamma camera to see where the blood vessels lead ahead of further surgery.

“Sheffield Children’s Hospital have been absolutely amazing” said Hayley. “We are from Rotherham but this is our local children’s hospital and we want to do everything we can to enable it to help other children like Fraser.”

Take a look and see how you can help make Sheffield Children's Hospital even better! 

How your money helps

£10 could help buy craft materials for an Artfelt workshop to provide distraction for difficult treatments.

£25 could help buy swimming aids to encourage children to participate in therapy sessions.

£50 could fund a ‘Buzzy Bee’ kit to help distract patients from painful injections.

£100 could help fund life-saving equipment to give children the best chance of a happy and healthy life.

Everything we fund is over and above the NHS provision. Our hospital is testament to the dedication of staff, the generosity of our donors and the courage of our children. We’ll never stop striving to make it better.