Why it will be better

Children are at the centre of everything we do. We need to match world-class care with world-class facilities to create the best possible environment for children to get better more quickly. 

We are currently in the midst of the Make it Better appeal. The new redevelopment will;

  • Transform our wards to single occupancy rooms, with space for parents to sleep in a bed, not on a chair or camp bed with their child. With privacy to sleep in peace and quiet, recover from painful surgeries.
  • Ease the journey between departments making it brighter and child friendly.
  • Create a hospital designed with children in mind. 
  • Create a brighter environment to help children get better more quickly. Our surroundings have a powerful effect on how we feel, and that’s especially important in hospital, where the environment can influence wellbeing and comfort for our patients, visitors and staff.
  • We want to make our hospital feel better, by brightening our hospital walls, which makes our children smile, whether they are here long term, or for just for a few hours.
  • Create secure outdoor spaces for our children to play or simply sit and enjoy the fresh air. 

Our hospital is amazing, but we’ll never stop striving to make it better.

Let's Make it Better for children like William

"Our only son, William, was diagnosed with leukaemia aged just 21 months. He was so small, but he had to face so much. William went through chemotherapy, lost all of his beautiful red hair, and was in and out of hospital for treatments. He was sick and tired a lot, but it was all he knew. Sheffield Children’s Hospital turned what was a devastating situation into something our family learnt to live with. Our hands were held constantly by hospital staff, and the level of care we received was above and beyond anything we expected." Andy, William's dad.