Toy and gift donations

The best gift you can give Sheffield Children’s Hospital NHS Trust is a donation. 

The Play Specialists within the Trust are best placed to purchase gifts which are age & gender appropriate for patients staying within the Trust. A donation to the Play Team means they are able to help children throughout the year and not just at Christmas.

If you do decide to donate presents, however, please bring them between the dates below to the Charity Hub which is located in Outpatients at Sheffield Children’s Hospital on Clarkson Street. Items that cannot be gifted to patients for various reasons may be used for fundraising. At busy periods of year such as Christmas and Easter allocated drop off dates will be confirmed by the Charity and Trust.

Here are a few guidelines and advise when donating:

  • The best kinds of presents are a low cost of around £10 each. This is so the Play Specialists can fairly distribute gifts, as it's difficult if one child gets a relatively low-cost gift and the child in the next bed gets an expensive one.
  • Don't forget the age group you're donating to is 0-18 years. Babies and teenagers are often forgotten. Please do not buy make up in case they have allergic reactions or skin conditions which means they can't be used. Nail varnishes etc are great gifts.
  • Please do not wrap the gifts. This will help us match your gift to an appropriate patient. However, it would like to donate wrapping paper or gifts bags that would be very helpful.
  • All toys need to be new. We are unable to accept second-hand toys or books in any condition due to the need for high standards of infection control in hospital.
  • Children love characters from films and TV programmes like Harry Potter, Disney characters, superhero for example.
  • We are unable to give cash donations / gifts to individual patients, families or staff. Cash donations must go through the charity to ensure all families are treated equally and fairly.
  • Remember patients are not just in one place. We treat children at the main children’s hospital on Clarkson Street, Becton Centre near Crystal Peaks, Ryegate Centre in Tapton, Flocton House in Nether Edge, Embrace the specialist ambulance service as well as within the community. 
  • When can I drop off Christmas Presents?

    Dates: Gift drop off days 14th – 22nd December

    Location: Charity Hub, which is located in Outpatients at Sheffield Children’s Hospital on Clarkson Street.

  • What our patients like

    Board games which they can play whilst they are in bed getting better

    Arts and crafts such as paint your own kits

    Construction kits like Lego

    Kits to make things such as jewellery making and nail art

    Toys to stimulate the senses like a rattle for babies or kaleidoscopes

  • Other things to consider

    We struggle to gift large toys or oversized soft toys however these are great for fundraising.

    We cannot accept secondhand clothes, books or toys.

    Alcohol is not permitted on any trust site however we can use it to fundraise in other areas such as raffles or tombola’s.

    Toys of a high price bracket cannot be given to an individual but could be used by the department as a whole – DVDs, DVD players, video consoles, games are great for the wards.