Fundraising Materials

We always welcome fundraising from staff and will do whatever we can to support you in being part of Team Theo. 

Thank you for fundraising for our Trust! 

We are very grateful that you have chosen to fundraise for The Children’s Hospital Charity so we can continue to support the vital work of everyone at Sheffield Children’s. Our supporter promise means we look after you every step of the way.

The money you raise will help to ensure that the ongoing needs of the hospital continue to be met today, tomorrow and beyond, especially as those needs may change with time. Your fundraising can go directly to your department or you can choose to contribute to the support for the whole hospital. 

Whatever you decide to do we are here to support you. 

Fundraising Guide

Download our handy guide to fundraising filled with top tips to make the most out of your fundraising.

Sponsor form

Download your sponsor forms and get sponsored for a challenge... run, walk, swim cycle... the options are endless!


Download our handy posters to spread the word in your team or department about your fundraising. Use our totaliser poster to keep track of your fundraising throughout the year!

Sweepstake poster

Guess my time - if you are taking part in a timed event ask all your friends and family to guess your finish time.


Add a pop of The Children’s Hospital Charity to your decorations, with our bunting and paper chain packs. They’re easy to make, and will have your fundraiser looking the part in no time at all!