Who we help

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is one of four stand-alone specialist children’s hospitals in the UK.

More than 269,000 patient journeys are made to our hospital each year, and we have some of the best medical and surgical services for children in the country. 

Sheffield Children’s Hospital may appear modest but once you step through the doors it is dynamic, ground-breaking and encapsulates how charity funding and the NHS can work together to create something great. You won’t see us bragging and you won’t see us shouting about what is happening behind the scenes. But sometimes we should as our hospital is an extraordinary place where pockets of ground breaking medical advancements are taking place every day for the thousands of children who need our help, from all across the country and within our region.

Our hospital treats children with every possible problem imaginable. From an accident with a broken bone to a brain tumour, we are leading the way in specialist care whilst ensuring we are there for our community, our patents and their families when they need us most.

We provide a full range of services for children and young people in Sheffield and South Yorkshire and our specialised services receive referrals from across the UK and internationally. We provide emergency care for up to 200 children a day and are a designated paediatric major trauma centre.

Many of our clinicians are world leaders, forging the way in paediatric care and in research. We have developed pioneering services in trauma and orthopaedics, paediatric transport, metabolic disease, neurosciences, genetics and more.

We have dedicated centres in Sheffield for children with neurological conditions and for children and young people with mental health issues and learning disabilities. We are also the principal treatment centre for children with cancer and leukaemia in South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and North Derbyshire.

Demand for services at Sheffield Children's Hospital has increased year on year as our reputation for providing outstanding specialist care grows. We’ll never stop wanting better for our kids so we’ll never stop needing your help. 

  • Neurosciences

    Is the top performing neuro-surgery centre in the country for brain tumour removal and after care, as well as the most advanced & patient focussed intra-operative 3T MRI theatre set-up in the UK.

    We see children with disabilities, tumours and diseases affecting the central nervous system and perform complex operations on brains and spines each week.

    Our epilepsy service leads the way in pioneering treatment and is one of only four dedicated paediatric Trusts in the UK providing bespoke care for children with epilepsy.

  • Muscle and Bone

    We are known internationally for our spinal surgery, research into severe metabolic bone diseases, rheumatology care and treatment of Osteogenesis Imperfecta.

    Children come from all over the UK and other parts of the world to see our clinicians who are highly respected nationally and internationally in their fields. Our Metabolic Bone Disease Service is the largest service of its kind in Western Europe.

  • Theatres

    We are leading the way in paediatric key-hole surgery.

  • ?Clinical Genetics

    Two of our services, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Huntington's disease, are UK and international renowned. We are one of just two centres in the UK to see patients for diagnosis of complex Ehlers-Danlos. We receive referrals from consultants across the country and see around 200 new patients every year.

  • Breathing

    We see more than 3million children from South Yorkshire and the UK with a wide range of problems from asthma and cystic fibrosis to those requiring ventilation at home.

    We develop advancements in respiratory medicine which is underpinned by a very strong commitment to research which has led directly to changes in national and international guidelines.

    The department has state of the art diagnostic services including a respiratory physiology unit, sleep disordered breathing laboratory, and imaging. Our department has been a leading international centre in research into the causes and treatment of chronic cough and ‘difficult’ asthma.

  • Gastroentero

    We look after patients from all around the UK and internationally with a wide range of problems from gastroesophageal reflux through to inflammatory bowel diseaselogy and Nutrition. We are the busiest endotherapeutic and endoscopy units in the country.

  • Metabolic Disease

    We have a leading laboratory and screening facilities that enjoy an international reputation. We see children from birth until adult care hosting regional services for Newborn Screening, Genetics and Laboratory Metabolic Disease. The newborn screening laboratory performs testing on all babies born in South Yorkshire and East Midlands, a population of 5.3 million and is the second largest regional centre in the UK with an annual birthrate in excess of 76,000.

  • Oncology

    We provide a service for the diagnosis, treatment and long term follow up of children with cancer and are the only paediatric standalone JACIE accredited transplant centre for under 16 year olds. We work with colleagues across the country to improve treatments and outcomes for these patients.

  • ?Major Trauma Centre and Emergency Department

    We treat all major traumas from road traffic incidents, falls or burns 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients are brought to our Major Trauma centre by road or air and are seen by our designated trauma team. These are expert medics and nurses who are specifically trained to deal with major injuries.