Who we help

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is one of four stand-alone specialist children’s hospitals in the UK.

Sheffield Children’s is an extraordinary place. It is dynamic and ground-breaking, with state-of-the-art facilities and a worldwide reputation for providing outstanding care. Sheffield Children’s is about people. People who are caring, compassionate and amongst the best at what they do in the world. The mission of every single person is exactly the same – to help create a healthier future for children and young people.

Sheffield Children’s is unique as it is the only NHS children’s organisation providing such a broad range of services, from the most intensive emergency care through to support for families in the community and at home – supporting both the mental health and physical health of children and young people.

Professionally many colleagues are leaders in their fields, recognised nationally and internationally for their expertise shaping paediatric care. Among its countless specialisms, Sheffield Children’s is a pioneering centre for neurosurgery including brain tumour removal, hosts the UK’s leading Sleep Service and receives new-born screening referrals from around the world through its dedicated clinical genetics department.

Sheffield Children’s Hospital may appear modest but once you step through the doors it is dynamic, ground-breaking and encapsulates how charity funding and the NHS can work together to create something great. From its foundation, it has always depended on charitable support, The Children’s Hospital Charity helps to ensure the ongoing needs of the hospital continue to be met funding projects above and beyond NHS provision.

Children come from all over the country for treatment at Sheffield Children’s and The Children’s Hospital Charity work hard to make it better by The money raised through donations buys life-saving equipment, funds vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world and helps us create a comfortable, engaging environment for our patients.

Sheffield Children’s is now just one of three specialist children’s hospitals in the UK, alongside Great Ormond Street and Alder Hey in Liverpool.

All of the money raised will help to change children’s lives from across the country and worldwide.

What makes Sheffield Children’s special?

Most importantly it comes down to people - and we think the people who work here are amazing! Kindness and compassion are key, and our colleagues have those things in bucketloads. Every day patients and their families tell us how caring and kind our colleagues have been, and how they’ve been made to feel safe and at home with us.

Sheffield Children’s is unique in the breadth of its expertise, allowing us to support children and young people in so many different ways. This includes:

  • Highly specialised healthcare

    Highly specialised healthcare, including neurosurgery and intensive care, through to supporting with the management of long-term conditions like cystic fibrosis or sleep difficulties. These services meet the needs of children and young people living across South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, and the Humber and in some cases from other places nationally and internationally.

  • National specialised services,

    National specialised services, including Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Osteogenesis Imperfecta services, which see children from across the UK.

  • Embrace

    Embrace, the critical care transport service for children and infants, which carries out transfers between hospitals across the Yorkshire and Humber region and beyond.

  • ?Highly specialised pathology services

    Highly specialised pathology services, including newborn screening and genetics.

  • In the community

    Community based services for the Sheffield population, including a variety of services to support with public health and children's development and needs in our various centres, schools and homes.

  • Mental Health Services

    A full range of child and adolescent mental health services including general mental healthcare and specialist service. We also provide a day unit, highly specialised outpatient teams and inpatient unit services for the larger South Yorkshire/North Trent population.

  • Secondary healthcare for the children and young people of Sheffield, including services through our Emergency Department, which has Major Trauma Centre status.

  • CQC

    Sheffield Children’s was given a Good rating in 2019 by the CQC, which also recognised areas of Outstanding practice - giving us lots of excellent work to build as we deliver this strategy over the next five years.