Oncology & Haematology

Children from babies through to 19-year-olds from South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and even as far south as Northampton come to our hospital for world-class treatment.

Did you know?

Our hospital provides a service for the diagnosis, treatment and long-term follow-up of children with cancer and are the only paediatric standalone JACIE accredited transplant centre for under 16-year-olds.

How have you helped?

Our arts programme, Artfelt, worked with the architects, patients and staff on producing a joyful art scheme throughout the new state-of-the art day unit. The charity is currently also aiming to raise £2.75m to transform the ward’s facilities.

Who have you helped?

Among those helped is Alfie Powell, who having entered remission from a Wilms Tumour now attends the day-centre for routine checks. Alfie is looking forward to spending Christmas at home.