How your donation helps

Your support is vital to the transformation of our hospital!

Sheffield Children’s is unique in the breadth of its expertise, allowing us to support children and young people in so many different ways. 

With your help The Children’s Hospital Charity changes children’s lives every day from across the UK and beyond. The charity exists to enhance Sheffield Children’s by funding  

  • advancements in pioneering medical research
  • the latest medical equipment 
  • new facilities to extend the treatment provided
  • with Artfelt we create a space where children can make new artistic discoveries, build confidence, relax and socialis

Children and young people visit Sheffield Children’s with every condition imaginable. Every day our doctors and nurses treat children with ground-breaking medical advancements making our hospital one of the top children’s hospitals for paediatric care.

Sheffield Children’s is an extraordinary place which has always depended on charitable support; you can make a difference every day to the thousands of children and their families that visit. 

Our patients and their families inspire us to be bolder, to be braver and to make every day count. 

Your donation to COVID-19 appeal will help

During this pandemic, we still need to support the hospital now more than an ever, as our world leading clinicians care for children and young people today, tomorrow and every day after the crisis is over. We can ensure our doctors and nurses have exactly what they want, when they need it to deliver the world-leading care for our patients.

Our work to support the hospital is needed now more than ever to ensure there is no long-term impact once the crisis is over. The money raised from the COVID-19 Appeal will help to ensure that the ongoing needs of the hospital continue to be met through this crisis and beyond, especially as those needs may change with time.

Helping fund four key areas