How your donation helps

Your support is vital to the transformation of our hospital!

Every day during the Coronavirus crisis it is bringing new challenges to Sheffield Children’s. It is essential that the effect of this pandemic doesn’t have a detrimental impact on the health and well-being of children and young people. This is why we launched our COVID-19 appeal to ensure the hospital and its staff have the best equipment and environment needed right now and once this crisis is over.

Our doctors and nurses treat every condition imaginable battling the most complex illnesses. They do this every day and every day is your chance to make a difference. 

Your donation to COVID-19 appeal will help

During this pandemic, we still need to support the hospital now more than an ever, as our world leading clinicians care for children and young people today, tomorrow and every day after the crisis is over. We can ensure our doctors and nurses have exactly what they want, when they need it to deliver the world-leading care for our patients.

Our work to support the hospital is needed now more than ever to ensure there is no long-term impact once the crisis is over. The money raised from the COVID-19 Appeal will help to ensure that the ongoing needs of the hospital continue to be met through this crisis and beyond, especially as those needs may change with time.

The power of play

To support patients through this challenging time, Sheffield Children’s Play Team have been working hard to bring toys, games and activities to their bedside. This is to help children and young people cope with the current crisis, as to keep everyone safe during COVID-19, patients can only have one visitor and aren’t able to have visits from their siblings.

Play helps to entertain and distract them when siblings and other family members aren’t around. Play is important for all children, it helps them learn in a language they understand, helps them make new artistic discoveries, build confidence and relax. Play gives patients the chance to unlock the power of their imaginations during their treatment.

Kathyn Topham, Play Services Manager "The charity has helped to fund a treasure trove of craft activities, toys and games which are for each individual patients to help keep them entertained and bring a smile to their face. Toys can no longer be shared so to reduced social contact the toys and activities will only be used one child, which adds to their cost. We have sourced small trays and repurposed them so each child has their own collection to keep."

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