Fundraiser in focus: Dr Arun Urs

 "I know the money raised will make a difference to the lives of children and families attending Sheffield Children’s Hospital."

Dr Arun Urs is a Consultant Gastroenterologist at Sheffield Children's Hospital. He won our draw for a charity place in this year's London Marathon and here Arun tells his story.

I have watched the London Marathon on the television for many years. The sheer determination, the famous tune, the iconic stretch up the mall to the finishing line at Buckingham Palace has always captured my imagination.

Fundraising for The Children’s Hospital Charity was an easy decision. I work at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, providing integrated healthcare and support for children and young people, incorporating the community sphere and helping patients get back to a quality of life they deserve.

The Children's Hospital Charity funds a number of projects and renovations at the hospital, to help improve the environment and match the facilities to the world class standards of care provided.

They have helped to transform our extraordinary hospital into something even better by creating an environment built specifically with children in mind.

The hospital has recently undergone major refurbishment with the addition of three world-class new wards. Changes to the hospital like this can improve the child's experience in hospital. The least I can do is to extend a helping hand to a charity that is investing in the lives of children and families.

This was my first London Marathon and second ever marathon. The day I was offered the place I felt a sense of achievement and that’s even before getting started! I discussed it my family and work colleagues, which helped immensely in keeping up with my training despite my hectic daily schedule.

There were times when I was running long, agonising miles and felt like crying, screaming and burning the shoes! But for the support of family, friends and sponsorship kept me going.

I knew it was going to be one of the biggest sporting days of my life and I was equally excited and nervous. I packed the race day bag and planned my journey meticulously, including my family who have planned to come down with few friends.

I had a great team with a campaign manager in the name of wife! She was incredible and got in touch with friends and family to help me achieve my target. My secretary Sam also managed to hold a raffle, sweepstake, Indian snacks and cake sale, medical dingbats quiz and much more to help.

The whole gastroenterology team from secretaries, dieticians, pharmacists and nurses have been extremely supportive, contributing in fundraising and looking after me during training.

I am really thankful for the donations which have helped me achieve an incredible total of over £3,800 and enjoy a fantastic experience. I know the money raised will make a difference to the lives of children and families attending Sheffield Children’s Hospital.