What We Do

Artfelt transforms the hospital’s walls and spaces with bright art, helping children recover in an environment tailored to them. The programme also puts on workshops for youngsters to provide distraction during anxious moments – such as before an operation, and to break up long stays on the wards.

Our surroundings have a powerful effect on how we feel, and that’s especially important in a hospital, where the environment can influence wellbeing and comfort for our patients, visitors and staff.

We collaborate with artists and designers to work directly on improving our space. They create art, graphics, photography, and decoration especially for our hospital, working sensitively and creatively to address the needs of each space and its users; whether its familiar and nostalgic distractions in an x-ray suite, gadget-filled waiting rooms for adolescents or soothing spaces for parents.

We find our workshops are a great way to get children socialising, expressing and enjoying themselves and are such a valuable way to make hospital feel better. Creating their own animations, making robots and playing music are just a few examples of the fun patients have had in our workshops recently.