Staff Wellbeing

These resources have been created to provide relaxation and mindfulness activities for staff supporting our patients and their families. 

Our staff at Sheffield Children's, and across the NHS, are amazing and we hope these activities will help to provide some creative respite.

Arts and Culture Picks

Watch, discover or get involved with our hand-picked selection of online activities. Free and easy to access, to help you switch off or take a break.

Yoga and Meditation

Simple yoga and meditation exercises for busy minds and tense bodies.

Mindful Colouring

Research suggests that colouring can provide numerous benefits for all ages. Along with the chance to relax and refocus, it can help lift your mood and decrease anxiety and stress.

Learn the keyboard!

Discover the Artfelt YouTube channel and learn a new skill. You'll find music lessons suitable for all ages and performances which feature instruments from around the world.