Artfelt Anywhere

The Artfelt Anywhere project started as a response to COVID-19, but will continue to provide activities whenever we are not around.

Thanks to donations to The Children's Hospital Charity, we can now offer high quality art packs and virtual music for children, families and staff to enjoy. This page gives a flavour of the project, alongside some fun activities from our creative friends. 

Shadow Theatre with Lois Conlan

One of the activities designed for our patients. Ask a Play Specialist for a pack or see if you have the materials to make a theatre at home.

Storytelling with Stacey Sampson

Story Making for ages 5-10 that requires only a pen and paper to take part. Ask a Play Specialist for the full pack, with content for all ages.

Museums Sheffield

Inspired by their collection, Museums Sheffield are providing extra activities for our patients. You can have a go too!

Colouring In

Print off colouring sheets kindly gifted by local artists for you to enjoy.

Illustration with Pencil and Help

Drawing fun from the artists we commissioned for Medical Daycare.

Musical Mark Making with Concerteenies

Choose a piece of recorded music and create shapes and patterns responding to the different sounds.

Enjoy Our Virtual Music!

Want to learn to play the ukulele or simply listen to some music? Our YouTube channel is full of musical delights. If you are a patient at Sheffield Children’s, ask your Play Specialist for an instrument so you can play along.