We did it... together we funded a SPECT CT scanner!

You did it!! With the help of many elves, a few Christmas jumpers, a few meters of tinsel and of course some very generous donors we have funded a new state-of-the-art SPECT CT Scanner. 

Young patients at our hospital will soon be getting an even faster diagnosis and treatment thanks to a new state-of-the-art scanner. Together we have funded an £800,000 SPECT CT Scanner thanks to the help of the public and businesses who responded magnificently to a major fundraising appeal in 2017.

The dual-imaging equipment will enable radiologists to scan children with suspected cancerous tumours, epilepsy, painful injuries or neuro-disabilities using one highly advanced diagnostic device. This means images can be taken in two planes so radiologists can get the benefit of gamma and CT scanning in one session. Improved diagnostic confidence means faster access to tailored treatments for the 26 areas that require gamma scanning each year. For children with cancer, this means they may avoid unnecessary medicines and therapies that can leave them feeling extremely unwell.

“We thank our supporters from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to deliver this amazing device, which will make a massive difference for so many severely ill children,” said David Vernon-Edwards, director at The Children’s Hospital Charity.

“It will lead to a faster diagnosis of their medical condition and swifter access to more tailored treatment.”

We fundraised throughout 2017 to raise the £800,000 needed and by the end of the year we had raised the remaining £200,000 from supporters taking part in our annual National Elf Service appeal, a whole month of festive fun and fancy dress during December which encouraged everyone to don their Santa’s Little Helpers costumes and “Get Elfy” for the Children’s Hospital. That’s when three big-hearted local businessmen stepped in for the final push. Graham Royle, of GRI Group, Matt Davison, of Dutton Recruitment, and a further company-owner who prefers to remain anonymous were happy to dig deep after promising to match National Elf Service fundraisers pound for pound.

Graham Royle donated £50,000, Matt Davison and an anonymous donor each gave £25,000. We cannot thank them and everyone of you enough for helping us fully fund this specialist piece of equipment.