How your donations support research at Sheffield Children's!

Did you know your donations help fund up to £250,000 of research every year? Here Professor Paul Dimitri, Director of Research and Innovation at Sheffield Children’s, explains the impact your fundraising has on patients from across the country and even worldwide!

My name is Paul Dimitri and I am the Director of Research and Innovation at Sheffield Children’s.

As we start the year, I would like to tell you about how your donations and fundraising impact on the children and young people we look after as well as those from across the whole country and worldwide.

From developing new medicines to pioneering new health technologies, research is fundamental in ensuring that we provide the best treatment possible for patients in our care. Through our research studies, children and young people can access the latest in treatments and technology, meaning that we can provide the most up to date care for our patients.

Every year, between 1,500 and 2,500 children and families are involved in around 350 research studies at Sheffield Children’s. Some of these projects include trialling new medicines for children with long term conditions, developing innovative technologies and supporting services across multiple different areas including emergency care, specialist paediatrics, community health, and child and adolescent mental health.

Sheffield Children’s is home to national and international leaders in research and innovation. Their work in several different areas is ground-breaking. Combined with the help and support of everyone who participates in research, Sheffield Children’s has established itself as an international leader in the field, having been so successful in developing cutting edge therapies for children and young people.

Over the last five years, the development of technology has become central to our work. Sheffield Children’s hosts the only national paediatric technology network in the country. The network is one of eleven co-operatives that were set up to support the development of technology and diagnostic tests for the NHS. 

Hosted at Sheffield Children’s, our co-operative brings together the best minds from seven NHS Trusts across the country to work to develop child health technology. Through the hard work and dedication of our team we have identified over 115 areas which can help advance paediatric care and change lives for the better. We have also established 178 partnerships and worked on 60 projects related to child health technology. We recently hosted the UK’s first Robotics in Paediatrics and Child Health Showcase and this year, we will be hosting the UK’s first Child Health Technology Conference.

Research covers many different specialties, has benefited thousands of patients and has helped launch and support the careers of many of our best researchers in the Trust. On behalf of everyone you have helped, thank you.

We are incredibly grateful for all your support, as when you donate to The Children’s Hospital Charity, your incredible generosity helps to support research into advancing patient care.

The charity provides up to £250,000 every year to support research at Sheffield Children’s. By continuing to develop the best medicines, treatment and services for children and young people through research, innovation and technology development, I am certain that Sheffield Children’s will be able to offer all those that come to our hospital, the best and most advanced healthcare in the world.

Thank you


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