Can you keep up with the Mohican?

Seasoned Team Theo member, Richard Hayes is more commonly known amongst the running community as the Mohican Runner due to his very distinctive hair style.

He’s currently urging people to join him for the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday 9th October to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity. So if your dream has always been to complete a marathon, now is your chance. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced runner, the Mohican Runner has some top tips and plans to get you past the finish line.

Here he tells us how he first got into running.

From 20st to chasing the dream
by the Mohican Runner

Running history

I got into running back in 2012. At the start of that year I was overweight and unhappy. I found my passion for the sport after losing 4 stone I wanted a goal to keep the pounds off and entered the 2012 Great Yorkshire Run in my home town of Sheffield. Needless to say I was hooked and not looked back since. I have since lost half my body weight through running and gone from running my first 10k race in 2012 in 57:54 to participating in this year’s Olympic trials for 10000m.

Why am I named the Mohican Runner?
Well throughout my challenges I have wanted to stand out from the crowd, I’m not a big fan of fancy dress but wearing a charity vest just wasn’t enough to get me noticed during my early challenges. I wanted to stand out from the crowd so I choose the Mohican as a way to get noticed - at each race I was not only getting noticed for my awesome hair but people were really interested in my charity fundraising, which for me is excellent. Yes I get lots of funny looks, children pointing at me in the street, adults almost walking into lampposts but most importantly media attention.

Why do I support The Children’s Hospital Charity?
Sheffield Children’s Hospital is one of those places that you take for granted until you need it. A lot of people in the running world are also parents and they understand what I’m doing on both levels.

From my childhood experience, I know first-hand how important Sheffield Children’s Hospital is and have raised thousands of pounds to say thank you for the care I received as a child.

When I was at Sheffield Children’s, I knew I was in a safe place and the people around me really cared about me. They were a family to me.

I’m able to say thank you at last and give money to the hospital that was so important for me as a child and will help future generations. When it’s -2 degrees, it’s that motivation that will get me out of bed in the morning.

My favourite run
Ever since doing my first 10k race, the only race I have done each year is the Great Yorkshire Run. Each year I have set a new PB and in 2015 while running for Team Theo was honoured to captain the county to victory. For training runs, I love going on the Trans Pennine Trail from Wortley. It's a great route as you can get 20 miles without any traffic and with the route you get plenty of elevation without realising it.

The time I’m aiming for at the Yorkshire Marathon
For me my goal is to beat my PB, eventually I want to get a championship qualifying time for London which is sub 2:45 minutes.

What I’m doing to prepare for the Yorkshire Marathon
I have a programme starting July with a couple of warm up races and my vacation to Cyprus falls in the middle of it. So I will be doing two 20 mile runs in Cyprus while also enjoying taking my wife back to the place we got married.

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