National Elf Service

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in National Elf Service 2019, you are elf-tastic!

If you used our 'how many coins in the jar' sweepstake poster we can now reveal that the number of coins in the jar was... (watch video to find out!)

If you are still doing your festive fundraising that's great! There are lots of helpful bits below to help you raise even more for Sheffield Children's Hospital. Don't forget to let us know what you'll be doing to fundraise by filling out the box below with your details. 

Merry Christmas to our wonderful supporters, thank you again for supporting #NationalElfService 2019!

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Elfy bunting!

Make your event that little bit more Theo with Theo elf bunting.

Paper-chain it!

Elf-tastic Quiz

We all love a quiz, hope you do too as here is a quiz festive one for you to use.

  • Christmas presents

    Christmas is coming, and while we are SO grateful for all lovely donations of gifts and toys, the Play Specialists are the best placed people to purchase presents which are age & gender appropriate as they know who will be in hospital over Christmas. 

    As such, instead of purchasing toys and gifts, you could donate to the play specialist fund or help us build a better Emergency Department for our patients with our new appeal? 

    • Play Specialist Fund: All the money raised for this fund will allow our Play Specialists to buy the perfect toys for patients to enjoy! If you would like to donate to this fund please click here for instructions about how you can donate.
    • Build a Better Emergency Department: Find out more about our appeal.

    If you would still like to donate gifts and toys to the hospital, please follow the Christmas present guidelines