National Elf Service

There's no get out clause! 

This December get elfy to help our patients stay healthy! National Elf Service is one day of fundraising in December where we ask you to get into the spirit of Christmas by elf-ing around the place.

  • Get your colleagues, friends, class or family to dress up as an elf for that all important sponsorship or entry fee.
  • Wear a Christmas jumper or an elf hat for the day.
  • Pop up an easy fundraising poster and get a sweep-stake going.
  • Download our festive decorations and organise your own fundraising day, everyone loves a bake sale!
  • Don’t send Christmas cards, put up our Christmas card posters and write a message to everyone, then donate what you would have spent on cards.
  • But if you do want to send Christmas cards… pop into the Charity Hub and buy some of ours!

What every you decide to do that's elf-traordinary you will be helping hundreds of children who visit Sheffield Children's Hospital's Emergency Department every day. If you can't do Friday 13th December then choose another date which suits you.

Our elves are still making your fundraising pack but when everything is ready we will send you yours once you register with us. You fundraising pack will include:

  • Sweepsteak poster for an easy fundraising competition of guessing how many coins are in the jar
  • Message poster replacing Christmas Cards in the work place
  • Money box
  • Totaliser
  • Elf stickers
  • Balloons

And lastly.... What is the best key to get at Christmas? A Turkey!!!


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Elfy bunting!

Make your event that little bit more Theo with Theo elf bunting.

Paper-chain it!

Elf-tastic Quiz

We all love a quiz, hope you do too as here is a quiz festive one for you to use.

  • Christmas presents

    Christmas is coming, and while we are SO grateful for all lovely donations of gifts and toys, the Play Specialists are the best placed people to purchase presents which are age & gender appropriate as they know who will be in hospital over Christmas. 

    As such, instead of purchasing toys and gifts, you could donate to the play specialist fund or help us build a better Emergency Department for our patients with our new appeal? 

    • Play Specialist Fund: All the money raised for this fund will allow our Play Specialists to buy the perfect toys for patients to enjoy! If you would like to donate to this fund please click here for instructions about how you can donate.
    • Build a Better Emergency Department: Find out more about our appeal.

    If you would still like to donate gifts and toys to the hospital, please follow the Christmas present guidelines