Ways to Volunteer

By becoming a volunteer for Team Theo you are helping to change a child and their families lives. 

Our volunteers do amazing things. From helping at our events to helping in the charity HQ, they are helping to change a child's life and their families every day.  

We have a few roles listed below so you can pick and choose what you would like to do when. We need help with volunteers throughout the year but we will fit around you and your availability. 

  • Volunteer at our events and support all of Team Theo as they walk, run, swim towards the finish line.

    We have a variety of fundraising roles available to match your skills and interests, and to fit around your lifestyle. You could cheer people on, take photos of them in action or hand out medals at the finish line. Have a look at our events calendar and see if you could help at any of them

    Just bring your passion and enthusiasm! 

  • Become a community ambassador volunteer

    If you fancy being an ambassador then we would love to hear from you. We need volunteers to represent the charity throughout Sheffield, South Yorkshire and beyond, helping to spread the word about the charity and how, together, we can make Sheffield Children's Hospital even better. 

  • Collect our charity tins!

    It may be a simple task but we really need your helping getting to all the lovely businesses, shops and corners of the area who help raise money for Sheffield Children's Hospital. All you would need to do is collect a collection tin and replace it with another one before delivering the full tin back to our Charity office. You can choose a region and time which suits you. The more tin collectors we have the better! 

  • Host a bucket collection

    We would love you to take part in one of our events such as football match collections, or arrange your own collection and we will provide you with everything you need to help you raise as money as possible! 

  • Raise awareness

    Your voice can help make Sheffield Children's Hospital even better. Whether thats spreading the word on your social media or talking about the charity at an event, it all makes the difference to the patients and families who visit Sheffield Children's Hospital. 

  • Help in the charity HQ

    If you would like experience in a charity office regularly we would love to hear from you. We need office volunteers to help with anything and everything. One week you could be stuffing envelopes, the next week you could be putting fundraising packs together. 

  • Help spread the word

    We would love help getting the message out there about the charity and any events we have coming up. If you are able to help by taking some flyers and posters in your area then please let us know. Every little bit really does help. 

We’d love to hear from you

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