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We are always looking for people to generously give up a few hours of their time. Our events are a fantastic way to meet some lovely new people and raise awareness of our wonderful hospital. We understand how valuable your time is and we really appreciate any help you can offer.

  • Theo's 5k Inflatable Race: We are looking for volunteer to help out at our bouncy event on Saturday 18th August. Go on you know you want to.... plus if you do volunteer for us you can have a go on the course of inflatables at the end of the day! 
  • York 10k: we need volunteers to help us on the route at the York 10k race on Sunday 5th August. 

If you're interested in joining a community of people who love supporting Sheffield Children's Hospital, please get in touch at support@tchc.org.uk

Meet some of our amazing volunteers below and see how you could get involved!

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