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Gather your friends, raise as much as you can and make Sheffield Children's Hospital even better!

Whether you're raising money for The Children's Hospital Charity as part of a society, as part of a faith group or a voluntary organisation, at school or at work, fundraising to make Sheffield Children's Hospital even better can be fun and rewarding.

The Children's Hospital Charity is supported entirely by your donations so you'll be making a lasting difference to children who are treated at our specialist hospital - together we can help make it better and ensure future generations receive the very best health care. 


We are calling on primary and secondary schools to transform their teachers, students and pupils into fully-fledged fundraisers, as we transform Sheffield Children's Hospital to match the world class care with world class facilities.

We have launched an exciting schools fundraising programme which includes lesson and assembly plans, activity packs and fundraising resources for use in lessons such as PHSE and citizenship classes. The packs will show students how they can help the community and guide them in in fundraising for our hospital.

Many pupils will know someone who has been helped by our doctors, nurses, surgeons and staff and by raising money through our curriculum-based lesson packs, you can help us make our hospital even better.


Our schools fundraising guide includes quizzes, lesson plans, videos, case studies, fundraising ideas and more. These educational resources are designed to help students understand:

  • * What The Children’s Hospital Charity does and how it supports Sheffield Children's Hospital.
  • * Who Sheffield Children's Hospital treats
  • * How fundraising makes a positive difference
  • * How they can get involved and make a difference
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This is a film about what the charity does

Please meet Izzy. She will tell you all about The Children's Hospital Charity and how the charity supports Sheffield Children's Hospital by: funding specialist equipment, research into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses, new facilities to extend the range of treatment provided and improvements to the hospital environment.