Children's Champions

Children's Champions are at the heart of what we do. 

Our Children's Champions collectively fund life-saving specialist medical equipment for Sheffield Children’s Hospital, which is above and beyond the NHS provision. 

Our Children’s Champions are a unique group of individuals, companies, charitable trusts and foundations who share a passion to help others. This unique group of individuals, companies, charitable trusts and foundations all share one passion, to help our patients and their families at Sheffield Children's Hospital. These incredible ambassadors make a significant difference to the lives of young children across the region and beyond; writing history and leaving a legacy for years to come. The dedication and support of this group enable the hospital to remain at the forefront of paediatric care.


Our Children’s Champions are fundamental to ensuring Sheffield Children’s Hospital offers the very best care available to young patients. They fundraise and donate to fund world-class equipment to match the world-class care already available, so children can get better as quickly as possible.

  • A note from our Children's Champion Chair Julie MacDonald

    Like many, if not most, parents in Sheffield, my children have been treated at the Children's Hospital. Most importantly, I know, from personal experience, what it is like to have a very poorly child – I understand the anguish, the fear and the sheer sense of helplessness that some parents are going through today and every day. Unfortunately, my daughter, Kirsty, could not be treated in Sheffield and had to go to Leeds so I also understand what it is like when you need to be with your sick child but your other children have to be left at home with family and friends. Sadly my daughter did not survive, but my experience made me determined to do whatever I could to help every sick child receive the best treatment that is available - and to support every parent whose child is ill.

    My husband and I are passionate about giving something back to our community. So when the concept of the Children's Champions was pitched to us in 2014, the decision to become founder members was, for us, a 'no-brainer'. My ambition, as Chair of the Children's Champions, is to find more Champions so that we can double our annual donation and help to save even more young lives. Without the support of philanthropic individuals, we would not be able to to fund life saving medical equipment. It really is the gift of life.

The First Children's Champions

A doctor, an architect and a solicitor. In 1876 they formed a committee and between them decided it was “expedient to found an institution for the relief of poor sick children” opening a children’s hospital in Brightmore House, at a rent of £63 a year. They made history. They thought that

children would get the best care if they were in a hospital dedicated to treating them. One of these three founders was philanthropist Henry Vickers. Henry wanted to ensure that children had access to the best care possible so that they could have the best chance of a long and healthy life. If you become a Children’s Champion you will be helping to continue the original founding vision of Sheffield Children’s Hospital - to significantly improve child healthcare across Sheffield, the region and beyond.

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