Our appeal to you: Building a Better Future

You can help take care to the next level

Sheffield Children’s Hospital prides itself on delivering world-class care for thousands of children every week; but we need your help to redevelop the environment they are treated in.

You can help build a better future for the up to 200 children a day who visit our Emergency Department, the 90 patients a year who are treated on our Cancer and Leukaemia Ward as well as the Major Trauma patients who arrive via helicopter when every second counts.

Emergency Department: We can’t wait for a new waiting room.

Helipad appeal: The one time we don’t want children waiting for the green man.

Cancer and Leukaemia: Because for families home is where the patient is.

Myla-Mae is a patient at Sheffield Children's Hospital. She came to our Emergency Department when she was four years old and this is her and her family's story.