Fundraising materials

At The Children’s Hospital Charity, we want to help make your fundraising even better!

No matter what fundraising activity you decide to do there are lots of different ways we can help give your fundraising a boost.

However you decide to fundraise and whatever your fundraising target, remember you are not on your own; we can provide:

  • Sponsorship forms  – great way to collect cash and claim Gift Aid at the same time
  • Charity t-shirts (maximum of 4) – wear with pride and help make it better
  • Balloons – to decorate your event
  • Posters  – to let friends and family know about your fundraising
  • Collection tins, boxes or buckets – will ensure you can collect as much money as possible
  • Themed bunting and paper chains
  • Facebook cover photos (whether you're  fundraising running , or taking on another  active challenge )
  • Guess my time - if you are taking part in a timed event ask all your friends and family to guess your finish time .  

Theo Bingo

If you want to boost your fundraising with Theo Bingo at your event, download our Theo Bingo and calling cards. Easy and fun to play, if you can describe what Theo is doing in each!


Add a pop of The Children’s Hospital Charity to your decorations, with our bunting and paper chain packs. They’re easy to make, and will have your event looking the part in no time at all!

Theo Party Props

Everyone loves a prop! Download your props, cut them out and stick them on a kebab stick! Make sure you take lots of pictures with them, tag us in and post them to your social media.

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