Corporate giving

Let's make it better!

At The Children’s Hospital Charity, we make Sheffield Children's Hospital even better. Every year, money raised through corporate donations allows us to save the lives of children from all over the country and the world by providing the hospital with cutting edge equipment and facilities. We also annually fund £250,000 of research into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses, and work to make the clinical more comfortable for our young patients.

By supporting The Children’s Hospital Charity, your business can directly make a lasting contribution to the health of the children who make 245,000 visits to our amazing hospital every year. And the benefits aren’t just at our end.

If you support The Children’s Hospital Charity you can form lasting and valuable relationships through a partnership that provides mutual benefits. Corporate social responsibility can aid the recruitment and retention of a discerning workforce who want to be associated with conscientious and community-centric employers. It can help immerse businesses within communities by making them ‘a part of’, not ‘apart from’ the society they operate within. It can help win and retain investment and customers, improve reputation and generate positive publicity.

We would love your support – let’s make it better!