Christmas presents

Instead of purchasing toys and gifts, you could donate to help fund a specialist piece of equipment or to the play specialist fund? 

Christmas is coming, and while we are SO grateful for all lovely donations of gifts and toys, the Play Specialists are the best placed people to purchase presents which are age & gender appropriate as they know who will be in hospital over Christmas.

As such, instead of purchasing toys and gifts, you could donate to the play specialist fund or help us build a better Emergency Department for our patients with our new appeal?

Play Specialist Fund: All the money raised for this fund will allow our Play Specialists to buy the perfect toys for patients to enjoy! If you would like to donate to this fund please click here for instructions about how you can donate.

Build a Better Emergency Department: Find out more about our appeal.

NOTE –When donating please remember to specify where you would like the money to go. 

If you would still like to donate gifts and toys to the hospital, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Physical gifts must be brand new and packaged, small and not gift-wrapped.
  • The best kinds of presents for children who are in hospital over Christmas should be at a low cost of around £7 each. This is so the Play Specialists can fairly distribute gifts, as it's difficult if one child gets a relatively low-cost gift and the child in the next bed gets an expensive one.
  • For health & safety reasons, gifts donated cannot be wrapped; all presents need checking before they are given out to patients, and it is a shame when the Play Specialists have to unwrap beautifully wrapped gifts! However, it would be helpful to donate the wrapping paper etc along with the gifts so that staff are able to wrap the gifts once they have been checked.
  • The very young, (e.g. babies) and older children (e.g. teenagers) are the ages that tend to get most overlooked at Christmas, so we would appreciate gifts for these age ranges; these could include rattles etc for the young babies and toiletries or gift vouchers for older children.
  • Please do not buy make up for girls in case they have allergic reactions or skin conditions which means they can't be used. Nail varnishes etc are great gifts for girls.


Please note, we are unable to accept second-hand toys or books in any condition due to the need for high standards of infection control in the hospital.

Play Specialists at the hospital coordinate the collection of all Christmas gifts at the hospital. For further information on how to donate please call the hospital on 0114 271 7000 and ask to speak to the on-call Play Specialists who will be able to help you further.

Play Specialists want to stress that they can’t accommodate visits to the wards or bring kids down to main reception to receive gifts – patients are in hospital because they are unwell and it’s unfair to bring them away from the wards, there also isn’t the staffing capacity to accommodate visits to the hospital without detracting from the care they need to give to the children