Pioneering Projects

Our current Champions project - Manometry System

Manometry is the evaluation of pressure. This specialist piece of equipment uses a procedure and probes specifically designed for children to record the functionality of the muscles around the oesophagus or ano-rectal canal. This procedure is currently available for adults in the north but not for children or teenagers. This specialist piece of equipment would:

  • Test how the muscles and nerves work.
  • Identify areas of abnormality in the gut as well as structural abnormalities to better help surgeons and clinicians correctly diagnose and treat patients.
  • Help identify specific conditions such as Hirschprung’s disease, a condition that affects the large intestine and causes problems with passing stools. The condition is present at birth as a result of missing nerve cells in the muscles of the baby’s colon.
  • Be used in general surgery as a multipurpose diagnostic device.

We need to bring our diagnostic service in line with paediatric hospitals in London, offering this kind of procedure for the first time in the north. Endoscopies are currently done under general anaesthetic for children, but with your help we want to do this procedure under sedation which would be an innovative procedure reducing the risk to our young patients.

Why is it needed?

When these muscles and nerves don’t work children can grow up with gastro problems which have both physical and physiological effects and could lead to mental health issues in the future. Studies have shown that the gut is the second brain, which is why anxiety and stress can link to bowel movement and gastro problems and vice versa. Gastrointestinal and liver disease is the third most common cause of death and the most common cause of hospital admissions. 

The only current option for patients to be diagnosed is to travel to Great Ormond Street Hospital. There is already a waiting list of children in need of diagnosis and treatment.

To find out more about Manometry and how you can bring this innovative procedure, unable to be delivered outside of London by the NHS, to Sheffield you can download our information booklet .

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