Sponsor Materials

Get your paws on your sponsor materials!

Thank you for sponsoring a bear in the Bears of Sheffield trail, we are excited to see what we can achieve together! 

Here are some beary helpful materials to get you started with your fundraising and promoting your involvement:

If there is anything else you need for your fundraising or to promote your involvement please just get in touch with us by e-mailing sculptures@tchc.org.uk.

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Tell everyone you e-mail that you are involved by downloading our Bears e-signature

Media pack!

Shout from the rooftops about your involvement, download the Bears of Sheffield media pack to find out more.

Your guide to being a sponsor!

The serious bit! Everything you need to know about sponsoring a bear can be found in the Sponsor Manual.


Decorate your office with beary nice bunting!

Poster it!

Download these posters to put up around the office.

  • Will the Bears of Sheffield still take place?

    Here at The Children’s Hospital Charity we are all working hard to ensure we deliver the Bears of Sheffield. The Bears of Sheffield will be a celebration of the wonderful place we call home and together we will be out on the streets enjoying walking, running, cycling and even skipping along the trail, finding all the wonderfully painted bears along the way. We still plan to launch the trail in July ready for the summer holidays and if anything changes, we will keep you up to date. 

  • When can we announce our involvement?

    You can announce your sponsorship once your business has signed and returned your bears booking form, you can then shout from the rooftops about your sponsorship and let the bear out the bag! 

  • Can we fundraise for our bear or does it have to paid in one lump sum?

    Paying outright means it’s all done and out the way, however we know this isn’t always possible so you can fundraise for your bear, and even go above and bear-yond and raise more than the original cost with your efforts. If you would like some support with your fundraising, just contact us on: fundraising@tchc.org.uk

  • Can we name our bear and publicise it on press and social media?

    No, the name of your bear will be decided by the artist painting it 
  • How do we choose the design of our bear, how does the process work, and when/where does this take place?

    Unfortunately, due to the recent developments regarding Covid-19 we have had to cancel our selection event at Hallam Hall on the 8th April. Sponsors will still be able to choose their designs, however this will now be done in an online format – the details of which will be sent to your primary contact provided shortly. We ask that no designs are shared as the charity wishes to retain an element of surprise when the trail launches. 

  • Will there be a plaque on the bear to show who is sponsoring it and any message from the sponsor?

    Each bear will have a plaque with the sponsors logo and a short blurb about the sponsor and why they’ve chosen to sponsor a bear. 

  • Do we get a photo opportunity with the bear before they go live?

    The bears full design is not allowed to be released until the trail goes live. No photo opportunity with the painted bear prior to the trail going live will be permitted. You may however, liaise with the charities communications team to organise a photo with a blank bear sculpture. Email: sculptures@tchc.org.uk to do so. 

  • Will there be any themed weeks going on that sponsors can align their own social media and PR plans towards?

    There will not be ‘themed weeks’ per say but in September there will be a virtual challenge which will last the entire month. This will be similar to the Virtual Stampede in 2016 whereby people were sponsored to run, walk, swim or cycle 60KM in September

  • Alongside the social media guidelines, will there be any other material for sponsors?

    A sponsor's media pack and manual will be available along with a fundraising pack, there are also loads of beary useful resources on The Children's Hospitals Charity website. If you visit the website > click 'Get involved' > Bears of Sheffield > Scroll down > Sponsor materials. 
    If you would like anything further you can liaise with your account manager to contact us at: sculptures@tchc.org.uk. For any press releases, we ask them to be run by our communications team first for approval and then a quote from the charity can be provided, just email the above email address.
  • What is the difference between a premium bear and a standard bear?

    When launched, there was a limited number of premium bears available. Each premium bear costs sponsors £7000 + VAT – this is in comparison to a Standard bear which was advertised at the price of £5000 + VAT. Premium bears also get priority of location where there is plenty of footfall, for example Sheffield City Centre, whereas standards bear can be placed anywhere within the city without a prioritised location. 

  • Where will our bear be on the trail?

    Locations of bears are TBC, the charity is working alongside Sheffield City Council to confirm available locations for the sculpture trail both indoors and outdoors. Premium bear sponsors will have a location with high footfall such as Sheffield City Centre or Meadowhall for example, whereas Standards bear will be placed at any of the available locations allocated by Sheffield City Council.