Emergency Department

We urgently need to build a new facility for our Emergency Department

You can help make a change for the better with a new Emergency Department, £4.5million 

Sheffield Children’s Hospital Emergency Department is a Major Trauma Centre, helping up to 200 children a day from South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire deal with every possible problem imaginable. Our treatment is among the best in the UK, but our facilities do little to ease the anxiety felt by children and families at what is often a stressful and scary time.

As the population of our region grows, so does the demand on our ED.

The department was built to see a maximum of 32,000 patients a year but now sees 60,000 patients. You will be proving a legacy for years to come for children who may not even be born yet; future doctors, nurses, teachers or even postman! We don’t know who will need the Emergency Department but we know it is needed to save lives and treat our children.     

Charity funding helps to ensure that what we build and deliver meets the exact needs of children and their families, facilitating the best possible services to be developed.

Your support will make a difference not just to the care that children receive but the way that they receive it. We want children visiting our Emergency Department to have the best possible experience, delivered to them by Emergency Department team who has everything that they could possible need to give children and their families what they need in the way that works best. 

  • We need more space.

    There is a desperate need to expand and build a bigger Emergency Department which will meet the current needs of the children that visit. We do not want patients to be unable to sit down for lack of space in the waiting room and we do not want our amazing Emergency Department team to be struggling to find space to see and treat those children.

  • We need more treatment facilities for our major trauma patients.

    There can be up to 15 clinicians looking after one child who is critically ill from a car accident or falling off their trampoline. Providing the staff more space and room to treat patients isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. They will always receive the best care but together we make the situation that little bit easier. 

  • We never close.

    Our Emergency Department is an essential service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with full facilities for resuscitating patients as well as those who have broken their arm. Both patients are just as important and both need care immediately but in very different ways. Expanding the treatment space available will help support and have an impact on our patients, their families and our staff.

  • Our Emergency Department saves lives.

    We firmly believe that our clinicians save lives every day in our Emergency Department. Often we don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, when a patient arrives with suspected meningitis, another child has headaches which is diagnosed as a brain tumour or a teenager is admitted as they are suffering from mental health problems. We help them all and we need to create a better facility for them to feel safe, relaxed and play whilst being assessed. 

  • ?A waiting room for Emergency Department is a necessity

    Our Emergency Department can become very busy with queues leading outside the door with little or no space for parents and patients to sit and wait to be seen by a doctor or nurse. A comfortable waiting area is essential as it helps relax our patients, which makes examining them that little bit easier. A very upset child will be hard to examine compared to a content one who has had something to play with and be distracted. 

  • Why is play so important?

    It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. Play helps a child communicate in a language they understand. Play helps a child take their mind of the injection or stiches they need. Play helps pass the time when they have been waiting to see the doctor. 

  • Creating a new family room

    The family room is a place we want to make anyone who visits feel at ease as much as possible, at what is most likely a very difficult time. The development will build a family room as close to the patient beds as possible, so a parent can be close to their child at all times. 

  • Redeveloping the Acute Assessment Unit

    The Emergency Department deal can treat patients who have highly complex or acute conditions. Redeveloping the AAU ward will create facilities which are exactly what the patient needs, whether they require a short stay for future tests, stabilisation, observation or treatment before either going home or going to a ward. If a patient needs isolation we can create a child friendly room for them with which isn’t scary and is built with children in mind. 

How to get involved

There are many ways you can get involved and help build a Helipad.

  • £1,000 could fund a place to play with toys in a new waiting room

    Graham Royle, CEO of GRI Group who has match funded two Christmas appeals said, “The Children’s Hospital Charity is renowned for funding highly specialised technology for improving patients’ treatment but less well known for its hugely important investments in patients’ wellbeing. It is believed that relieving stress aids recovery.”

  • £500 could fund distraction aids during treatment

    £500 could fund artwork in the examination bays and in the waiting rooms, making the clinical more comfortable. Artwork creates a talking point for our patients, giving them something to focus on when we need to examine anything from a broken arm to calming a patient down. 

  • £200 could fund space

    There is no way of knowing when our Emergency Department is going to busy, but you could help make it that bit better if you do need to visit. 

    Often queues reach outside the door with no space to sit down. Your donations will help bring space, when you are waiting for treatment in the waiting room as well as in a treatment bay. 

  • £50 could fund a chair!

    This doesn’t seem like much and isn’t about treatment, it is about making the environment you are in that little bit better. If you have to wait for a period of time, with your child, in a busy waiting room with no chairs then that is not a nice experience. You can help create somewhere to sit and try to relax while waiting to see a clinician.