Our appeal to you: Building a Better Future

You can help take care to the next level

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is a specialist children’s hospital, providing world-class care for children all over Yorkshire and across the UK. The Children’s Hospital Charity makes Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better, by creating an environment built with children in mind. The newest addition is a new wing which opened in April 2018 following a £10m investment from The Children’s Hospital Charity. But that’s not the end of the story, we aren’t finished, we still need to build a better future for our children by redeveloping the Emergency Department (ED), Child Assessment Unit (CAU) and Ward 6 as well as a building a brand new Helipad.

Building a Better Future

Sheffield Children’s Hospital prides itself on delivering world-class care for thousands of children every week; however its facilities are letting them and their patients down. You can help build a better future for the 200 children a day who visit our Emergency Department, the 90 patients a year who are treated on our Cancer and Leukaemia Ward as well as the major trauma patients who arrive via helicopter when every second counts.

  • Lets talk numbers... We need to raise £14.25million for the appeal!

    We need to raise £14.25million between 2018 to March 2023 to make these projects a reality. Here’s a breakdown:

    • Emergency Department - £4.5million 
    • Helipad - £6million 
    • Ward 6 (previously M3) - £2.75million
    • CAU- £1million

    We also need to raise £5.75million for our annual charity commitments:

    • Artfelt, research and annual charity commitments- £5.75million
  • Frequently asked questions!

    Have a read of our FAQ's for all you need to know about our appeal.

FAQs all you need to know about our appeal

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