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Get involved in fundraising through your university or society.

Fundraising Guide

Download our handy guide to fundraising filled with top tips to make the most out of your school's fundraising.


Download our handy posters to spread the word across your university campus about your fundraising. Use our totaliser poster to keep track of your fundraising throughout the year!

Charity logos and branding

Download our 'in support of' logos to ensure your materials are on brand and recognisable as the Charity.

Sponsor forms

Download your sponsor forms and get sponsored for a challenge... run, walk, swim cycle... the options are endless!

Theo Bingo

Download Theo Bingo as a fun activity during break time or for a bit of fun on a Friday afternoon!

Presentation about Sheffield Children's

Download our presentation about Sheffield Children's and spread the word across your group about the Charity.

Varsity 2023!

We are so happy to have been chosen as Charity of the Year for Sheffield Varsity for the second year running! In the end The University of Sheffield lifted the charity trophy for the second year running.