World Cup 2018!

Support the charity by taking part in the FIFA World Cup with our sweepstake poster or host a football themed evening with your chosen country.  

How it works:  

1. Download your team names, fold them in half and place them inside an envelope.

2. Download your World Cup fundraising pack or get in touch and we will pop one in the post to you 

3. Decide how much you want to charge for entry into the sweepstake, it could be £2, £3 or £5 per country. Put your poster up to get all involved. 

4. Choose a prize, it could be half the entry fee with half coming to the charity, or find an alternative prize so all the money raised is given to the hospital - it’s up to you!

5. Simply ask everyone to pull a team out of the envelope and their chosen team will be their sweepstake country for the World Cup!

6. Record who has drawn each team so once the World Cup Final is played on 15 July 2018 you’ll know who has won when the final whistle is blown.

7. Pay your money in with your paying in slip. 

To kick off the world cup we're sporting a keepie uppie challenge on social media! Show us how many keepie uppies you can do, nominate your friends to do the same and donate £3 by texting THEO18 £3 to 700700. Good luck! #KeepitUp