Up Your Game for Team Theo

Are you a keen gamer looking to make a difference? Take part in a sponsored gaming marathon to raise money for Sheffield Children's Hospital.

How it works

Sign up and create a fundraising page by clicking the sign-up button!

    This could be a 6 hour challenge, a 12 hour challenge or a 24 hour challenge. You could even get together a team and try a tag team marathon. It’s completely up to you!

      Share your JustGiving page with family and friends, make sure everyone knows about your new challenge and ask them to donate!

        Ready to Up Your Game?

        Have fun and game safe! 

        Below are the answers to some frequently asked questions, but if you have any further questions please get in touch by e-mailing us or give us a call on 0114 321 2470.

        • Here are a few helpful tips on how to stay safe while gaming

          • Stay hydrated
          • Look after your hands
          • Take regular breaks
          • Engage with friends
          • Food prep! Healthy snacks
          • Exercise

          If you are taking part in a gaming marathon, please make sure you take regular breaks to get yourself a drink, something to eat and to make sure you are comfortable. If you start to feel unwell (dizzy, eyes hurt, headache) then please do stop. Your health and wellbeing are what is most important.

        • How do I sign-up?

          It is simple to sign-up!

          1. Decide on a date and plan what challenge/gaming event you will be doing along with what game/s you will play e.g. 12-hour FIFA Gaming Marathon
          2. Simply click ‘Sign-up today’ and set your JustGiving page up with a title, what date you will be fundraising and some information on what you will be doing. The charity will be notified you have created a page and be in touch with you. Share your page with family and friends to collect sponsors.
          3. Have fun and enjoy your challenge!
        • How do I fundraise through gaming?

          • You could simply ask your friends and family to sponsor you for taking on this challenge – ask them to donate through JustGiving or download our sponsor form.
          • You could ask people to donate to play – instead of going solo, get your friends together and play or set up a tournament. 
          • Let your streamers be in charge! If they want you to change your game, change your player, car, or weapon then ask them to donate £5 and you will do this e.g. Streamer: I will donate £5 if you change the game to Fortnite
        • Can I use Tiltify instead of JustGiving?

          Of course. If you would prefer to use Tiltify as your fundraising platform, this is no problem. The charity are registered on this platform, just email events@tchc.org.uk to let us know what gaming event you will be doing so we can support you in any way we can.

        • Can I live stream my gaming marathon?

          Yes, absolutely! If you are new to gaming, this can sometimes be tricky to set up however there are some fantastic step by step guides out there to help you. 

        • How do I live stream?

          The most popular way to live stream your gaming is through Twitch. While streaming through Twitch you can simply put a link to your JustGiving page in one of the panels on Twitch, but this would mean people would need to leave your stream to donate. Alternatively using video broadcast software such as OBS studio, means people can donate and stream at the same time. Setting up Twitch can be tricky but JustGiving provide a fantastic step by step guide on how to do this here.

        • How old do I have to be?

          18 years or over! 

        • I am under 18 and would still like to take part?

          If you are under 18 and would still like to take part in gaming fundraising then the charity must have written consent from a parent or guardian giving you permission to take part in this and confirm that you will be supervised. Please email events@tchc.org.uk or call us on 0114 321 2472 to discuss.

          Alternatively we have many other fundraising ideas for you here.

        • I do not play online games but would like to be involved?

          No problem. How about board games?! You could hold a board game marathon with friends or family or set up a tournament. You can sign up in the same way (see above) and you can be any age to take part.

        • Where will the money go?

          The money you raise from your challenge will help buy life saving equipment, fund vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world who are treated at Sheffield Children’s Hospital. It will also help create a comfortable and engaging environment for the patients. We know going to hospital for children can be very daunting, we want to help make this better.