Theo's Home Festival

Host your own 'isolation staycation' with Theo's Home Festival!

While holidays might be on hold, festivals postponed and life is looking all a bit different, the sun is shining and there are still so many ways to make a difference.

Could you still go camping from home?! Camp in your garden, living room or bedroom and join in with Theo's Home Festival this Summer to support Sheffield Children's Hospital through this time and beyond.

Here's everything you'll need for a successful home festival...

  • A tent 
  • A sleeping bag (or duvet!)
  • Pillows - comfort is key!
  • Torches - if you plan on lasting the night!
  • Tent games and jokes at the ready
  • Snacks (Psst... Theo's favourite snack is biscuits!)

How your home festival helps Sheffield Children's Hospital...

Donate £10 or £15 that you would have spent on your campsite fee to our hospital by clicking here.

Now unfortunately we won't be sending you a tent, pillows or snacks in the post, by taking part in Theo's Home Festival you are simply making a donation to our hospital. But, that donation will change the lives of hundreds of children at Sheffield Children's Hospital so we think that's even better!

Thank you - we hope you enjoy your home festival!