Designated Major Trauma Centre

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is the designated Major Trauma Centre for children in South Yorkshire & Bassetlaw providing a service for a population of over 375,000 children and young people.

We need to get patients who urgently need critical care to our Emergency Department as soon as possible. It really is the difference between life and death.

Currently, air ambulances can only land in daytime hours because there is inadequate lighting in the current landing site at Weston Park opposite the hospital. This restricts its use in the winter months particularly and is far from ideal, with some Helicopter Emergency Medical Services not wanting to land due to an inadequate landing site.

Once landed the patient is met by Sheffield Children’s specially trained Major Trauma team and transferred by stretcher through Weston Park and across the busy main road to ED by pressing the crossing button. The one time we don’t want children waiting for the green man.

Children and young people arrive at the Emergency Department either by self presentation, road ambulance or air ambulance and in 2018 15% of arrivals were by air ambulance.

A helipad on the roof and would mean patients can land and be transferred anytime with flood lighting. When the weather sets in, the new helipad would also have electric trace heating incorporated into the deck to ensure that ice and snow do not disrupt the continued use of the facility during periods of inclement weather.

Helipad, £6 million

Help Theo choose a helicopter 

  • Why do we need a Helipad

    We need to get critically ill patients to our Major Trauma Centre in our Emergency Department as quickly as possible, without crossing the road, waiting for an event to be cleared in the park or relying on there being enough sunlight to land.

    The weather currently has an effect on whether the helicopter can land at Weston Park, they may land elsewhere and then transfer the patient by ambulance to our Emergency Department, which all takes time. In the future, when we have built the Helipad and the weather sets in, ice and snow will not disrupt the continued use of the facility during periods of cold weather.

  • The HELP Appeal

    Thanks to your incredible donations and a pledge from the HELP Appeal so far we have been able to raise £1.3 million for the Helipad appeal.

  • We need to transfer patients from our hospital as well as get them to our hospital

    If a patient needs to be transferred from our hospital we want to make their journey as easy as possible. Should bad weather close in whilst an aircraft is on deck, it can be tied down until the bad weather passes over and it is safe to transfer the patient from our hospital.