Emergency Department

We urgently need to build a new facility for our Emergency Department

You can help provide staff and patients with the space they need in a new Emergency Department, £4.5million 

In light of the coronovirus epidemic, please only visit our Emergency Department if your child is seriously ill or unwell and please limit visitors to a maximum of two per patient. For the safety of our patients and staff, visitors must not attend if they feel unwell or have flu-like symptoms.

The Children's Hospital Charity have been fundraising to expand the Emergency Department since July 2018 and Sheffield Children's Hospital now needs your help more than ever. 

Our staff continue to provide an essential service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the unprecedented coronovirus outbreak. As a Major Trauma Centre, they deal with every possible problem imaginable and provide critical emergency care for children from across South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire.

The treatment they provide is among the best in the UK, but we need your help. Our appeal aims to expand the waiting area, add an additional triage room and improve the resuscitation area for critically ill children when they need it the most. 

Your donations will ensure they have the facilities they need to give children and parents the best possible experience, no matter how challenging the circumstances.

Total raised so far:

Thanks to your incredible donations, so far you have raised over £4.4 million towards the total appeal target of £14.25 million. 

  • We need more treatment facilities for our major trauma patients.

    You might not see what goes on behind the scenes, but the ED team save children’s lives every day. A new department will provide the staff with the space and facilities they need.

  • Improved facilities

    New and improved facilities will help distract patients while they wait. More toilets, baby change and disabled access with a comfortable waiting area is essential.

  • We need more space.

    There is a desperate need to expand and build a bigger Emergency Department which will meet the current needs of the children that visit. We do not want patients to be unable to sit down for lack of space in the waiting room and we do not want our amazing Emergency Department team to be struggling to find space to see and treat those children.

  • Urgent resuscitation beds

    We need your help to build a new, improved and larger resuscitation area for major trauma patients and the most critically ill children, so it is there when it is needed most.

  • Help children feel safe

    The Emergency Department is an essential service open 24 hours, 365 days a year dealing with everything from a broken finger to a bleed on the brain. Every donation will help build a facility that tailors care for each child.

    Our Emergency Department can become very busy with limited space. A comfortable waiting area is essential as it helps relax our patients, which makes examining them that little bit easier. A very upset child will be hard to examine compared to a content one who has had something to play with and be distracted. 

  • Why is play so important?

    It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them. Play helps a child communicate in a language they understand. Play helps a child take their mind of the injection or stitches they need. Play helps pass the time when they have been waiting to see the doctor. 

  • Creating a new family room

    The family room is a place we want to make anyone who visits feel at ease as much as possible, at what is most likely a very difficult time. The development will build a family room as close to the patient beds as possible, so a parent can be close to their child at all times. 

  • Redeveloping the Acute Assessment Unit

    The Emergency Department deal can treat patients who have highly complex or acute conditions. Redeveloping the AAU ward will create facilities which are exactly what the patient needs, whether they require a short stay for future tests, stabilisation, observation or treatment before either going home or going to a ward. If a patient needs isolation we can create a child friendly room for them with which isn’t scary and is built with children in mind. 

  • Dedicated treatment space for patients with mental health issues, adolescents and learning difficulties

    A new ED would provide dedicated spaces for patients with mental health issues, adolescents and children with learning difficulties. This is a significant number of children who visit ED and our facilities don't currently cater for their needs.