Cancer & Leukaemia Ward

Because for families home is where the patient is. 

You can help redevelop our Cancer & Leukaemia Ward, £2.75million

Our Oncology and Haematology department treat children from babies through to 19-year olds, in South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and as far south as Northampton. One of twenty principle treatment centres in the UK, we care for children with cancer and leukaemia as well as patients who have other blood problems such as bleeding and inherited disorders.

The hospital provides a service for the diagnosis, treatment and long term follow up of children with cancer and are the only paediatric standalone JACIE accredited transplant centre for under 16-year-olds. The clinicians work with colleagues across the country to improve treatments and outcomes for these patients.

Patients are treated on our 14 bedded ward with six isolation cubicles, used mainly for children who need to be isolated to prevent infections. Around 25 bone marrow transplant patients are treated on our ward every year, staying for 6 to 8 weeks at a time in isolation. Patients who require routine Chemotherapy stay for 3 to 5 days before going home. Other patients can be treated for longer periods of time, sometimes over a year. 

What’s the problem with the ward?

Whilst the care received is world-class, the facilities are not. We want to deliver a new home from home with space, privacy and natural light to make isolation a place of sanctuary and calm.

The transformed ward would create private patient rooms with en-suite facilities, giving our patients a place to make their own, with room for all their toys and space for a parent to sleep comfortably alongside them. The new design will also allow patients to take in the welcoming views over Weston Park.

The redevelopment will increase the ward footprint, with larger bed bays and more isolation rooms. It will also expand the space for children to play and more than double the size of the ward classroom. 

Total raised so far:

Thanks to your incredible donations, so far you have raised over £4.4 million towards the total appeal target of £14.25 million. 

  • Isolation and individual bedrooms

    We don’t want our children to feel isolated when they are in an isolation room, we want to build them a bedroom which they can make into their own with space to play in and be with their family. Many of the bedrooms currently don’t have a view and when you aren’t able to go outside a connection with outdoors can influence your well-being. The new ward will maximise the view of Weston Park, making them feel connected to the outside whilst they are getting better.

    En-suite facilities would enable both patients and their families to have everything they need in their own private space without having to walk down a ward.

  • School and Playroom

    Some of our patients who stay on this ward can be with us for months at a time. Being able to go to a classroom or play in a playroom gives them some normality and could help them not fall behind in their school work. We all might think we would love not to go to school but a distraction away from treatment will help a child have a better day.

    The development will bring the classroom and playroom onto the ward with more space and up to date facilities. 

  • Let’s support the parents so they can help their child through treatment

    Treatment and care is centred on the patient but parents also keep them going and give them emotional support and constant encouragement. This development will give parents their own room so they can support each other whilst they look after their children.

    The new ward will create a kitchen for parents to use and a welcome relaxing area they can relax in without being far away from their child. 

  • Dining room

    The redevelopment will give the ward more flexibility with additional room and space to create communal rooms. Creating a dining room is one of the planned initiatives so patients can sit at a table with their family and all eat together, instead of in their bed

  • £8,500 could fund enhanced ensuite facilities

    Building single bedrooms and isolation rooms with en-suite facilities will help create privacy for our patients and their parents. 

  • £2,000 could fund a new bed unit for single bedrooms

    In our new wing children are sleeping much better as they have a private bedroom which is aiding them to get better quicker and therefore leaving hospital sooner. They feel relaxed and clam in a home from home environment with ensuite facilities and a parent bed right next to them. We want to bring this to our Cancer &  Leukaemia Ward. 

  • £1,000 could fund a drop down parent bed

    You can help support the parents, so they can support their child. Parents need to get as much sleep as our patients.

  • £500 could help make the clinical more comfortable

    Our surroundings have a powerful effect on how we feel, and that’s especially important in a hospital, where the environment can influence wellbeing and comfort for our patients, visitors and staff.

  • £200 could fund teaching aids

    Some of our patients could be in hospital for months and going to school brings some normality to their treatment and everyday life.