Our appeal to you: Building a Better Future

You can help shape the future of Sheffield Children’s

Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust is a specialist children’s hospital, providing the best possible care for children all over Yorkshire, the UK and beyond. The Children’s Hospital Charity support the hospital by creating new facilities and building an environment with children in mind. By supporting The Children’s Hospital Charity, you can make Sheffield Children’s even better, by creating an environment equipped for an unpredictable future.

Together we need to ensure our doctors and nurses have exactly what they want, when they need it to deliver the best care for our patients. They treat every condition imaginable battling the most complex illnesses. Every day they make a difference and you can too.

We’re working hard to build a better future for everyone who visits our hospital, by fundraising for a new Emergency Department (ED), Child Assessment Unit (CAU) and Cancer and Leukaemia ward (Ward 6) as well as a building a new Helipad.

The events of the past few months have shown just how much we all need and value our NHS. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Sheffield Children’s has continued to provide care for children and young people from across the UK and around the world every day.

Building a Better Future

Sheffield Children’s prides itself on delivering the best possible care for thousands of children every week, making sure they have the best possible experience. But together we can go further and we need your help to redevelop the environment they are treated in.

You can help build a better future for the up to 200 children a day who visit our Emergency Department, the 90 patients a year who are treated on our Cancer and Leukaemia Ward as well as the Major Trauma patients who arrive via helicopter when every second counts.

Our events have been cancelled, our supporters have had to postpone fundraisers and many businesses and schools supporting our efforts remain closed.

From marathons and walks, to charity balls, bake sales and raffles, the ways in which we had planned and had always reached out to you to help our hospital are no longer possible.

The less we raise together, the longer patients at Sheffield Children’s will have to wait for the environment they deserve. These projects are vital and so is your support. 

  • Year one 2018 - 2019

    Thanks to your donations with in first year of the appeal, over £2,825,000 was raised which means we are 14% of the way there. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the appeal so far. 

  • Year two 2019 - 2020

    By the end of year two over £5million has been raised for the capital appeal. However due to the coronavirus pandemic events have been cancelled, supporters have had to postpone fundraisers and many businesses and schools supporting the cause closed.

    Can you help bridge the gap and show your support for our NHS by starting a fundraiser?

  • How much do we need to raise?

    We need to raise £14.25million between 2018 to March 2023 to make these projects a reality. Here’s a breakdown:

    Emergency Department - £4.5million

    Helipad - £6million

    Ward 6 (previously M3) - £2.75million

    CAU- £1million

    We also need to raise £5.75million for our annual charity commitments:

    Artfelt, research and annual charity commitments - £5.75million

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Myla-Mae is a patient at Sheffield Children's Hospital. She came to our Emergency Department when she was four years old and this is her and her family's story.