Mission and vision

We make Sheffield Children's Hospital even better!

Our Mission

Children come from all over the country to see our hospital’s specialists and we work hard to make it better by funding things which the NHS does not cover. The money raised through donations buys life-saving equipment, funds vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world and helps us create a comfortable, engaging environment for our patients.

Our Vision

Patients and their families are at the centre of everything we do. They deserve to be treated with the best facilities in a hospital designed with children in mind.

  • Visiting the hospital can be daunting – we need to make the clinical more comfortable creating a space to play and feel at home. 
  • We want to make our hospital feel better, by brightening our hospital walls to make children smile.
  • We want to provide specialist equipment to ensure our children have the best possible care.

Let's make it better together! 

Your support changes lives

Thanks to your generous support through our Make it Better Appeal we have funded 46 brand-new en-suite bedrooms and 6 new four-bed bays in the new wing of the hospital, making it better for our patients and their families for years to come. But, what's next? Take a look...