About us

The Children's Hospital Charity's role is to provide over and above the standard NHS provision, enhancing Sheffield Children's Hospital and matching the world-class equipment with existing world-class expertise.

Our mission and vision

We fund four key areas:

£250,000 of research each year into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses

New facilities to extend the range of treatment provided

Improvements to the hospital environment to benefit patients, families and visitors

Specialist medical equipment

One of only four specialist children’s hospitals in the UK, our hospital is testament to the dedication of staff, the generosity of our donors and the courage of our children. We’ll never stop striving to make it better.

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Our hospital

One of only four children's hospitals in the UK, Sheffield Children's Hospital is a centre of excellence forging the way in paediatric care. Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust provides treatment for children all over the world.

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Our patrons

From being the face of our campaigns to fundraising and visiting patients in the hospital we are incredibly lucky to have celebrity support on our mission to make it better.

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In 1876 – at a time when the industrial revolution had made Sheffield a dirty and unhealthy place and there were frequent outbreaks of infectious diseases - a doctor, an architect and a solicitor decided it was “expedient to found an institution for the relief of poor sick children” and opened Sheffield Children's Hospital.

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This is a film about what the charity does

Please meet Izzy. She will tell you all about The Children's Hospital Charity and how the charity supports Sheffield Children's Hospital by: funding specialist equipment, research into the prevention and cure of childhood illnesses, new facilities to extend the range of treatment provided and improvements to the hospital environment.