Sheffield Children’s Hospital Emergency Department, which is also a Major Trauma Centre serving South Yorkshire, Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, sees around 60,000 children come through its doors every year with every possible problem imaginable. As the population of Sheffield and the region has grown, so has the demand on our services. The department was originally built to see around 32,000 patients a year, and is now in desperate need to be expanded to meet the current needs of the children that come to us with illnesses and injuries. We want all the children and families who attend our department to not just receive the best care but also to have the best experience.

Coming to hospital can often be stressful for all, the patient and their family. Not having a seat to sit in our Emergency Department or having to arrive in Weston Park by helicopter, cross a busy road with everyone watching is something we can improve on. 

You can help ensure that what we build and deliver, meets the exact needs of children and their families.Your support will make a difference not just to the care that children receive but the way that they receive it. We want children who come to us for treatment to have the best possible experience, delivered to them by a team who has everything that they could possibly need to give children and their families what they need in the way that works best.