Artfelt's engagement programme provides workshops for children and young people across many Sheffield Children's sites. Creating distraction during anxious moments – such as before an operation, and to break up long stays on the wards.

Creative fun

Our workshops are a great way to get children socialising, expressing and enjoying themselves and are such a valuable way to make hospital feel better. Creating their own animations, making robots, and engaging with theatres projects are just a few examples of the fun patients have had in our workshops recently.

Artfelt's sessions are delivered in small groups or one to one at the bedside by professional artists who are experienced at following a child's lead. We're keen to spark an interest in the arts which lasts a lifetime!

Art can make a difference:

"This service is vital when small children come into a big environment like a hospital. It is a great distraction for children AND adults."

"This really made me feel good as I wasn’t thinking about all the medicine stuff"

"The workshops are right up her street. She loves anything messy and it’s nice for me to have a break and get a cup of coffee."

"Workshops like these where Ellie can work with someone one-to-one are fantastic for her confidence – she really thrives this way."