Artfelt Sounds

We commission a wide range of music across the different sites at Sheffield Children’s; from letting patients play an instrument during their stay to calming the experience of waiting through live performance.

Lessons and performance

Artfelt Sounds began as a summer music festival and is now a full programme of activity, designed to get our hospital community together and encourage patients, families and hospital staff to get involved with the joyful music happenings and workshops on offer.

The power of music:

“It’s really good. I’ve only seen music on YouTube, I haven’t seen anything like this in real life.”

"We were really fed up today, lots of hospital visits have dragged our summer down. This was a lovely surprise - thank you!"

“It’s the first time I have seen her smile this week. We have tried everything to destress her... this has made a big difference to her.”

“I think it’s amazing the work that you are doing here. It really made her day, she was so bored before and it really cheered her up.”

Learn the keyboard

Discover the Artfelt YouTube channel and learn a new skill. You'll find music lessons suitable for all ages and performances which feature instruments from around the world.