June – September 2013

Print Works was an exhibition by James Green and included pieces created by patients of the hospital in response to his work.

James is an artist and printmaker based in Sheffield, but born in Birmingham. He studied fine art at Sheffield Hallam University from 1992-1995, specialising in photography. In 2003 he discovered printmaking, specifically linocuts, and since then has been producing his own work as well as commissions for people like The Hepworth Wakefield, Sheffield Children’s Festival, The Folk Forest and Paul Smith Menswear.

“It seemed somewhat fitting to have an exhibition alongside prints by children. I feel I’m in good company! As an artist I do feel I have rather a child’s-eye view. There are no hidden layers to my work, just things that I enjoy making pictures of. I guess I work primarily on instinct.

My work generally revolves around simple subjects. I find landscapes engrossing and I love to try and work out the puzzles within them; Sheffield has many of these! It’s the same with Animals, especially donkeys, which I have focussed on more than the other creatures. I’m interested in humour in some of my work, as well as the absurdity that life throws at you.

I’m very flattered that the children wanted to take part in this project, and I hope they benefitted from the experience. I love their prints. The lack of reserve in their mark-making is inspiring, and something that as we grow older we sadly lose. I hope they might want to do more printmaking in the future!”