November 2019 - Ongoing

This exhibition celebrates 10 years of Pete McKee supporting Artfelt in Sheffield Children's. 

Most people will recognise the beloved Sheffield artist Pete McKee for his local roots and the creative talents which have earned him a worldwide following, but lesser known is his steadfast support for Sheffield Children’s.

Over the last ten years, McKee has designed a Christmas card to raise money for The Children’s Hospital Charity’s arts programme, Artfelt, raising more than £38,000 to help create distraction within the hospital and making the clinical more comfortable with engaging artwork and patient workshops.

To celebrate Pete’s ongoing support, the exhibition curated by Artfelt features prints from his archives, which examine childhood, family and the fun of growing up.

Pete McKee explained: “Knowing just how valuable and vital Sheffield Children’s Hospital is, especially being a parent who has relied on its services in the past, it has been a pleasure to fundraise for them for over a decade”

“I was even more delighted to become a patron of Artfelt, the arts programme for Sheffield Children’s, a few years ago. I am a strong believer in how art can help an individual’s recovery and improve their surroundings, especially if they need distraction from being in hospital.

All the prints in the gallery can be purchased from